Monday, August 8, 2016

The Williamsons love the Urgent Care

We seem to have a hard time going a month without visiting the ER or the Urgent Care.

This time, it was my turn. HA!

It really is a stupid little injury-- I broke my pinky toe-- but the story is kinda funny, so I have to document it here (because that's what blogs are for, right?!).

Thursday night, we were walking into dinner at a little pizza place that is in a strip mall (local people, it is the new pizza place that is next to the jimmy johns and smoothie king).  Both boys were wanting to hold my hand/hang on me as we walked in. 

My pinky toe got hooked on Andy's foot and then it sort of snapped sideways with his foot-- I looked down and saw all 4 toes facing forward and my pinky toe out to the side. 

I assumed it was dislocated, so I had Eddie "pop it back into place".  We were in the parking lot, so we walked over to the sidewalk and he yanked it back in.  (we are now not sure it was ever dislocated....just broken!)

Well, the pain from that made me start to get weak in the knees so I sat down.  And that's the last thing I remember! I passed out cold on the sidewalk.  Like dead to the world- ha! Apparently I sat down and told Eddie I was going to pass out (thank God I told him that because he grabbed my arm and the back of my head and lowered me down to the ground. I used to pass out in high school so he knows that when I say I am going, I am going....!). 

I was out for a  bit (Eddie swears it was 45 seconds of me sheet white and he says I wasn't breathing-- not so sure about that one!) and when I woke up, Eddie was on top of me slapping my face and chest and yelling my name and I was surrounded by people staring at me. Some man was on the phone with 911, the manager of Denny's was holding me. The boys were off with some woman who was sweet as could be- especially since Andy was screaming hysterically.  Apparently, they kept telling him "mommy just passed out...." and he thought they meant "mommy just passed away....." uhhhhhh.........

There is an urgent care literally right across the street so we went over there and they did an x-ray and it was a break in the toe and they sent me on my way with crutches and a lovely little shoe to wear.  They suggested wearing the shoe for 2-4 weeks.  Yeah.  Not going to happen.  The crutches didn't even make it 24 hours. 

I managed to scrape my foot as I went down-- not sure how-- and that (on my non-broken foot) has been hurting more than my broken toe foot.  The scrape actually got infected so I am on some medicine for that too. 


Never a dull moment up in here!!!