Friday, November 11, 2016

Rock the Vote.

There's no need to discuss political views on this little blog. Love is love is love and my opinion is we all need to love each other a whole lot more. Allllll of us. We need to love black people, white people, gay people, straight people, Hispanic people, people who voted for her, people who voted for him: we need to love PEOPLE more. And there's my rant!

My sweet new neighborhood rarely lets a reason to drink go by, so there was an election party last week as the results were rolling in. #ofcoursetherewas

We've got a few kids around these parts.... and this was only a portion of the neighborhood. Soooo many kiddos! I love it!!

The parents are all pretty fun too...

It was gorgeous night for a crazy election! Truly didn't see those results coming. And while many are disappointed (and super vocal about it on some social media-- I am working on spreading some love. We alllll need more love!