Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Well, hellooooooo there!

Finally sitting down to blog! And it's a long post.... I am so long winded. 

I ended yesterday's post with such a cliff hanger (there is sarcasm there...) and y'all weren't happy with me- hahahahaha. I got MANY texst from people asking me what this big news was.  Several of you sweet friends thought I had a bun in the oven.  One asked if we were adopting a baby. One asked if we were getting a new dog.

And, the answer to all of the above is NO (although, I wish for all of the above daily-- minus the dog part... we've got two of those and they are crazy....).

Actually: we are moving! woohoo!

We aren't going far- like less than 2 miles away-- so it really isn't that big of a deal.  But it all happened so fast! Holy moly. I didn't even know we were looking for a house!

We truly love our current house.  The space is GREAT, the closets are AMAZING and it works perfectly for us.

We aren't in love with our neighborhood.  The street we live on was once calm and quiet and is now becoming a cut through for people and is getting busier and busier.

As you can tell from a lot of pictures I post, we spend a significant amount of time outside, especially out front of our house.  It made us uneasy to think of the kids playing out there alone, if we were inside cooking, etc.  And we certainly would never let them ride bikes down the street to a friends house or anything like that.

SO.... there is this neighborhood just down the way that I have always loved.  A million families live there (or so it seems).  I drove in one day after school to drop something off at a friends house and I saw kids everywhere out playing.  EVERYWHERE.  I remember that day thinking "I would love to live in a neighborhood like this...."

I started doing weekly zillow searches, just to see what was available and where and for how much.  I checked a lot of neighborhoods.  We love Cal's current school (which will be Nug's next year) so we didn't feel like we needed to switch school systems, thankfully.

Last Wednesday, I was doing my weekly search on zillow as I was getting dressed.  I saw a new listing and thought it looked cute, so I sent it to Eddie, who was sitting downstairs eating breakfast.  I walked down the stairs and he goes "that house is in our price range, by a lot.  I like it." ahhh, such a man.

We went about our business Wednesday and then Wednesday night, Eddie said "I am going to text REALTOR and ask him to show us the house." I just kind of stared at him.  I have sent him houses over the course of my searching a few times and he has never thought twice about them. He was thinking twice about this one, apparently.

Thursday at work, Eddie texted me that we had a showing at 4:00 that afternoon. Okayyyyyy. So we met at the house (with the kids....!) and we both were blown away by how nice it was.  We loved it.

We walked through the house and literally couldn't find anything we didn't love about it (actually, Eddie and I are sharing a closet, which we've never done.... heaven help us.).

Eddie left for the beach Thursday night and I went home with the kids.  Friday, the REALTOR (I don't know why I don't use his real name... not like he needs privacy...? Why am I so weird?) texted us that he thought if we were going to act, we needed to act quickly because that house would be going quickly...

We got to the beach and Friday night Eddie said he thought we should make an offer.

Y'all.  My husband is indecisive.  Big time.  He never makes a decision this fast.  Ever.  I didn't know what to think.... so I did what any wife would do and I asked him if he was drunk.  That didn't make him happy.  So we had the conversation again Saturday morning and he was ready to offer right then.

So, we offered on Saturday and they countered back and then we met in a happy place and all was ready to go, done and done.

And then I freaked out a little.

Which I don't do.  Eddie is the freaker-outer.  I am the calm one (is THAT not scary?!?!?).  I just felt like I had only seen the house ONE time for a total of 15 minutes while chasing around my children who thought they were allowed to JUMP on every bed in the house.

All we had left to do was click on one E-document and we would be done.  But I couldn't do it.  I asked if we could see the house one more time.  Eddie said "I don't need to see it again- I've seen all I need to see." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!??!?! Where is my overly emotional, super indecisive husband?!?!?!?!
The realtor agreed to meet me there on Monday afternoon and mom agreed to go with me to have a fresh set of eyes on the house.  My amazing AMAZING friends helped out with the boys so I could go and look without their "help."

We pulled up and waited in the driveway and as we waited, a friend walked by and started screaming "does this mean what I think it means?!?!?!" And we laughed. And then she went on to point out all of the near by families- this house over here has two boys, same ages as yours. This house has 3 boys, the oldest in 3rd grade. This house has two boys and a girl... and on and on and on.  Mom was about to jump up and down with excitement.  Then she said the other night, a bunch of dads had the kids all in the side yard having a homerun derby.  And this is all right at "our" house.

Mom walked through the house, but she was already sold before even walking in.  She loved it all.  And I loved it even more after seeing it again.

We got in the car and I clicked on the E-doc and wrote two really big checks...and then we were UNDER CONTRACT! eeeeeek!

And then it was time to get our house ready to show.

Have you ever thought about showing a house with two FURRY dogs and two MESSY kids (and Eddie, God love him, he's messy.....).  I know I know I know- it's been done.  It won't be easy, but it can be done! So, the last few days have been spent decluttering everything. And I mean everything.  When we moved into this house, we turned the formal living room into a playroom for the boys.  I took everything out of there and turned it back into a formal room.  I have been cleaning and boxing up and throwing away.  Wednesday, I took 14 bags to goodwill.  I started posting things to sell on facebook and people were snatching them up right and left.  I should have done it sooner and sold more things.  I feel crunched for time to get it in pristine shape to sell.

Thankfully, everyone is saying it is the best market ever to sell a house.  I pray that that is the case for us.  I am nervous about this whole process.  I am thankful school is about to be out for me so that I am able to get the house ready whenever I need to.  But in that same boat, that also means the boys will be out of school too.

There you have it! The Williamson's "big" news.  I have been working like a crazy lady so sitting down to blog took a back seat.  I will try to stay on top of it, even when life is crazy!

Oh! Here is a little picture of the house:
You can bet there will be a LOT of pictures coming up from this house...

Phew! Did you read it all? Long post.  Guess you can say I am excited!

Beach Weekend

Totally forgot to share pictures from last weekend at the beach!

We had a great time at the beach and the weather was perfection.  Not too hot at all! We got down Friday, early evening.  My brother and his family were down, so it was like crazy cousin world-- which everyone loves!

Apparently, these two sleep together at night on the floor and during car trips...

As soon as we got to Eddie's parents house, I made up the bunk beds in the boys' room.  There are two sets of these.  Eddie's mom sent them to our house so we carried them down and made them up.  Making bunk beds is no joke.  Dang.  Anyone thinking of getting bunk beds should go to a friends house with them and offer to make them.  

Speaking of bedding... look at Andy's room in my mom's house-- how stinking cute is this?! She also got a J for Jackson's bed and a C for Cal's.  

We played outside starting EARLY Saturday morning.  Eddie had a bunch of appointments lined up at the new house, so my job was to keep the kids and the dogs out of the way- check!

We played about every sport you can imagine.  And then it started really warming up so we headed over to the pool.  These three were READY!

We spent a while at the pool and the boys swam and swam, happy as they could be.  The water was like ice to me, but whatever makes them happy! Eddie finally finished all his house stuff and he was dying to kite surf.  He got it all set up and then realized the wind wasn't blowing hard enough- but he got to do it for a little bit, I guess.  
 Walking home from the beach- thankful to get to spend Mother's Day weekend with my incredible mom. 
 We cooked dinner that night and then we had an all out war on the basketball court in a game of BABY (it's just like PIG, but a little longer....hahaha).  Everyone participated and we laughed and laughed.  This is one of those moments that I know the kids will remember forever.  And Y'all know stuff like that just makes me happy. 

The sun was setting and the sky was turning bright pink so we headed over to check it out.  You might be a redneck when..........
 Gorgeous sun setting down on the sound.

Sunday morning I woke up and showered (ahhhhh) and put on my new necklace! I looooove it and I know I will wear it a ton! You can find one here. Obviously I am obsessed with this shop-- I can't get enough!

The boys rode bikes back and forth all weekend- we took their old bikes, which really are too small for them and we plan on leaving them down there for them to ride while there.  This will SOOO beat hauling bikes back and forth every weekend.  

Instead of packing up and heading home, we hit the beach for some fun sun time.  The weather was beyond perfect.  I honestly contemplated staying there the entire day and driving home early Monday morning (or never).  Andy would have liked to stay too...

Pretty sure Cal was content to stay all day.  

A Happy Mother's Day indeed...

 The cousins! J looks so tall in this picture- it's really funny because all weekend everyone commented on how Cal and J were almost the same height-- but they so aren't in this picture. 
 I told them to turn around. No telling what Andy is doing.  Not a clue. 

Before long it was time to cruise it on home......
Such a fun weekend at the beach.  We will be spending a lot of time there this summer, I already know..... bring it on!