Thursday, April 20, 2017

Part One: Beach With Besties

Last Friday, I headed down to the beach to spend a glorious TEN DAYS.  I was excited! Eddie took Cal to the Masters, Andy had some quality time with Grandma, and my very best friends were in a car on their way down to meet me: all was right with the world!

Me and Bruce reading to head out-- he was SO excited to be going for a ride! 

The five of us heading out for a bit.  Love these sweet peeps so so much-- what would I do without them??

Saturday was gorgeous! We took a walk on the beach and soaked up the sunshine (the boy in the front? That's me....).
 Then we went to Beaufort and had lunch with a view and it was wonderful! Round one....

 And a bottle too.....

We watched a beautiful sunset.  

Weekends like this are good for the soul.  We drank too much (not a bad thing), talked too much (not a bad thing), ate too much (probably a bad thing) and laughed hysterically.  Oh, HOW FUN. I am already ready to do it again. And again.  Anyone up for a trip, say, tomorrow???

(we took a lot more pics that aren't appropriate to post on the ol' blog. sorry....not sorry!)