Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Habitat Fashion Show

Are you sick of hearing about this yet? I will let it go after this, I promise! But I have to document this! Be prepared for picture overload....!

All different women in the community were asked to model in this fashion show, and mom and I were both honored to be included!

 I was to be in hair and makeup at 3:30 on Friday.  Ummm, that's when Cal gets out of school...after some creative planning, I made it there only slightly late.  We had the services provided by Aveda Institute, which is a school-- everyone there was a student, learning how to do hair and make up.  The girl who did my hair was a young thing-- fresh out of high school...! But she was sweet as could be and I thought she did a nice job! She took before pictures so she could do a before/after for her portfolio.

I washed my hair and dried it...and didn't do anything to it.  It looks AWFUL! It is crazy long right now-- I need a trim...or a cut... it grows really fast. 

and turned that into this:
 I showed her a picture of my dress and she went for a "messy beach bun" look.  She did all kinds of fishtails and braids all over.  Kind of fun, right?

Once I got out of hair and make up, my mom showed up- we did a little before shot together:

I am so glad I got to do this with my mom! We had a blast together!

There was a pre-party before the show that we went to for a bit before we had to get back stage...

 We were supposed to be back stage, but a bunch of my sweeeet friends were meeting up at a restaurant near by so I popped in to say hi to them-- I just love these ladies to pieces!

Walking down to the prep area-- one last look at the stage... the drinks were totally easing my nerves, to be honest- haha

Then it was time to get the dresses ON!

The boys were in it too-- remember them?? I packed their iPads and they were content playing them under the table in the kids store while they waited.  Eddie was in charge of them (and he was thrilled, can't you imagine?!).  I love their sweet smiles... and that bowtie that's for sale....hmmmm...wonder how much that is.... because it's cuuuuute.  Along with everything else in this store....!

Back in the store, we were all dressed and ready for them to line us up.   I loved this dress... oh, how I loved it.  It flowed and it was super comfortable.  I loved the slit in the side and the one shoulder.  Almost everyone asked if I got to keep the dress.  The answer is no...and then people asked me if I was going to buy the dress... once I told them the price of the dress, they understood why the answer was no. And why I didn't eat or drink anything once in said dress.  And took it off immediately following the show...

Cal was in line right behind my mom, so I got out of line to wait with him while she walked.  I love love love his sweet face in this picture-- taking it all in.  
 My mom worked that run way-- she strutted and turned and strutted some more.  I mean, look at her face! She was loving it, right?? So much fun!
 Oh yes, she took off that jacket and owned it. 
 How cute is she??!!?!

Then it was Cal's turn.  He told me later he was very surprised how many people there were there-- hahaha He looked like deer in the headlights the whole time.  He walked straight to the end and then turned around and came straight back- no pausing, no posing. Just hustle.  

 There aren't many pictures of Cal because he high tailed it down and back so quickly.  haha Eddie commented that Cal looked miserable- but when we did the finale, with all the models walking together, he said it was really fun and wanted to walk solo again-- I think he cracked a smile for that run...

The bathing suit he wore was too cute-- it looks like a blur here, but we are buying it this week so you will see it in pics this summer!

Several people later, it was my turn to go!

Now, I need to stop here and mention my amazing friends.  They TURNED OUT for this show-- I couldn't believe they all came.  I wanted to cry. They all sat together and made a night out of it and whooped and clapped and cheered and just made me feel so special.  Granted, they were there to support a wonderful cause, but they were also there to support me, and it meant the world to me.  More than the world-- it was so special to see their faces and hear their voices.  I love you, sweet friends!!

There I go-- love that dress, really. My friends were cheering and I broke into the biggest grin and there was no wiping it off. 
Staring right at my people-- hahahaha

 The hem was fun- so flowy.
 Almost to the end....!
 The back of the dress (and my horrible posture...)
 And then I was done!

Andy was right after me with super cute Sophie.  I was able to stand at the top of the stage in the curtain to help them get out there-- oh yeah, and Andy missed the top step going up and fell off the side of the stairs-- why am I just now remembering this as I type this?!?!? Omg.... guess he's okay.....

They decided to hold hands on the way down.  Not sure what they were told, but they took this very seriously!

They stood at the front of the runway for a long time- just standing holding hands...

then they walked...

 and I stood on the side with tears in my eyes.... because this was big for a 4 year old! Part of me really thought the day of he was say "nahhhh, I'm good, no thanks..." but he did it! And he actually loved it- go figure!

After standing at the end of the runway for what felt like 30 minutes, but was only like a minute, they walked back, side by side- Andy kept his hands behind his back... can't hold hands too long.  Gotta let the ladies know he's still single!

 Then the rest of the "models" walked through and the finale was everyone walking all at once- I asked Andy if he wanted to walk with me and he did-- this was when Cal wanted to go solo and strut by himself. 

Once we got back to the store, I changed out of the dress as quickly as I could and got back into my $45 number and picked up some champagne...! We were done! And we didn't fall! And our kids made it to the end...and back!!! With no meltdowns! woohooooo!

After, we all headed back to the first restaurant where the girls met to grab a cocktail and chat-- such a fun night!

 Lucky I am to have people like this in my life.  Soooo thankful!

I wish I got a picture with everyone of my friends who was there that night-- the night flew by and my time to see people was limited.  So, for those (2) people who read this who were there: THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting your clumsy friend walking up there trying not to be road kill, a la Carrie Bradshaw, but also for supporting Habitat.  

Which brings me to this, and then I will be done: The money raised Friday night is going to a home for a single mom and her daughter-- both were in attendance.  I sat next to the mom while getting my hair done and she was just SO touched by the whole thing.  And beyond appreciative.  She was so happy-- and she deserves to be happy! Her life long dream is to help people and to give back.  I mean. Bless her heart! And bless their new house! I am thrilled beyond words that I got to be a part of such a great cause.  

Phew! Are y'all over it? My 2 minutes in the spotlight is over....can't wait to go next year and hopefully support one of my friends up there strutting her stuff!