Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Update: it's gettin' hot in herrrrrre

Summer is here and so is the HEAT! The theme of this entire post is H-O-T hot hot hot.  And humid.  But that's not as much fun to spell.

Friday after we picked Cal up from school, we headed straight to the barber-- both boys were in need of a cut, big time! Post-cut, they were feeling much lighter... holy cow, it was needed.  

We headed to a friend's little cul-de-sac party and had a great time, and sweat like you wouldn't believe! Everyone was soaking wet- it was funny because everyone was dressed cutely, and sweat right through it- hahahaha It was about 100% humidity and 95 degrees.  
 This kid found a scooter and rode it the entire night.  He was doing tricks and scooting all around everyone- where is his helmet??!!
 He had a big little love bug. 

I didn't see Cal for most of the party- until I heard the DJ play whip and nay nay.  I looked over then and saw Cal going to town dancing like a fool.  
 I don't know what it is about this song that makes every kid want to dance like crazy...

 We got home and everyone had to shower off because we were literally soaking wet.  We got the boys in bed because we were up early for the.....


We had to be there at 8 am and we were hustling to make that (a wee bit late....).  This next picture is truly heart breaking.  Andy was having one of his tummy spells this day and was so beyond uncomfortable.  People kept asking if he was nervous about swimming and he replied (every single time) "of course I am not nervous about swimming. I do a hundred times." But his poor poor tummy was so full and he was just not comfortable.  He went a little before each race and then a really big one before his relay. 

Both boys did GREAT and I am just beyond proud of them! Andy is getting better with every meet and his confidence is rising too.  Cal is really loving it this year-- he loves his friends on the team, he loves his coaches and I really think he is having FUN- which is what it's all about.  He also has started paying attention to who wins the heats-- I think that little math guy is trying to tally up how many heats we win to see the score of the meet.  Crazy.

His backstroke-- 
 Nug did backstroke too! Starting with his tongue out- hahaha
 Here is the relay team! Cal (the tall one below) was the end of his relay and Lee, the one next to Cal was the start of their relay-- don't know where their 4th guy was.  Don't they just look like trouble??

Some of the 6 and under boys-- they don't have any fun at meets, I tell ya!

The meet ended at 12:30 (and it was about 98 degrees....) and we were to be at a dance recital at 1:30-- we had several people we know dancing in the show..... and the boys were PUMPED to see their sweet Jane dance and their cousin dance too!

It was H-O-T in the theater.  And, we had to park in the far away lot and then run up to the theater-- oh and my AC in my car wasn't working... so after a reallllly hot meet, I sweat all the way home, took a cold shower and got dressed and dried my hair and then got back into my hot car where I sweat all over again then got to the theater and sweat even more- hahaha

But it was soooooo worth it as soon as we saw this:
 Sweet Jane walked out on stage and Cal goes "there she is!" and then Andy goes "I see Janey! I see her!" and the woman in front of us turned around and said "proud big brothers!" and, I was too excited watching the tiny dancer to say anything so I just nodded and prayed she didn't realize we have no relation to anyone on that stage #iswearwearenotcreepy

And then the final act of the show-- a beautiful butterfly came out on the stage an Catherine danced!
 She is standing next to the "helper" below. 

 She did such a great job and we loved watching her class act out being a butterfly- and their costumes were just gorgeous. 

Saturday night, we got a babysitter and went out with some friends.  Tiffani, who blogs over HERE, and her husband were in town visiting for a conference so we went out and had! (Tiffani has a super cute fashion blog and you can also follow her on instagram-- you totally should.  Just do it.  Don't ask.  Just do it.  And, just for fun, when she posts a picture today (she always posts on Mondays), comment on her picture something funny like "Carrie says hi!" or "Carrie says you are a wild and crazy lady." Or don't.  But it would be a lot funnier if you would.


We met at B Side Bar, which is behind Venable in Carrboro-- such a great little bar. 

 I wore this fun little jumpsuit that is really fun to wear out and crazy comfortable.  It is sold out, but this one is super similar and super cheap.
Jumpsuit      Wedges (similar)     Earrings (similar) and way on sale here
We finished off dinner with a little night cap and then got home way too late.  But it was a great night and we loved catching up with these sweet friends!

Sunday morning suuuuuure did come early, though.   #ouch.

We spent some time on the couch-- all kinds of zoned out going on.  I was fine with it.  

Cal wasn't feeling it either.  
 We had an 11am birthday party at Chuck E Cheese so we headed there and Cal and B took this picture- hahahah gotta love it.

Andy drove the race car a million times.  

 And Cal shot hoops...

Andy rode a big cup of hot cocoa with Sara Jane-- she wasn't so sure about him... haha

And then Jackson put on a dance party-- and Cal was hysterically laughing.  This picture makes me so beyond happy-- look at how hard Cal is laughing!

After the party, we hauled tail to Andy's last soccer game of the season where it was H-O-T hot.  He had a lot of fun playing and I am thankful the never-ending season has come to an end...! He loved playing this season, thankfully.  I loved watching him! I didn't take any pictures.  I did sweat a lot though.  Does that count?

After the game, we went to pick up Eddie's car, which we left downtown last night #thanksuber and then we headed home where everyone was spent.  The boys went upstairs to rest and Eddie and Hank assumed the position.  
 Please note Hank's head.  He stays like this.  For a long time. 

 Around 5 we headed over to our friends house for a FUN cookout and play time in their AMAZING backyard.  The boys had the best time ever and did not want to leave. 

How great is their porch? We had the yummiest food with fun people.  Such a win win win.  

This is the friend who made the sign for Andy's birthday I wrote about here.  How great are these signs she has in her dining room? So talented.  I love having talented friends.  Makes me so proud. (also makes me feel suuuuuper lazy, but whatever).

These three cuties are going to KINDERGARTEN at the end of summer..... dear Lord.  

It was a fun and busy weekend and we soaked up every minute of it.  I will take the heat-- I am not afraid! We had a lot of fun!