Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Update: Masters!

This is a weekend update light on pictures, and frankly pretty boring- ! Eddie and I went to the Masters on Saturday and they are super strict on no phones/cameras there.  So, no pictures from the actual tournament.  But man, I wanted to take pictures.  It is beyond beautiful there.  The grass looks fake.  It's the only way to describe it.  It looks like carpet. 
The weather was absolutely gorgeous too- super windy, but such a pretty day.  I debated what to wear.  The forecast was 62 and windy-- so that made it tricky.  Eddie suggested I just wear a pair of khaki pants.  Am I weird that I don't own a pair of khakis??

Anyway, Eddie headed down Thursday afternoon and went to the Masters with his dad on Friday.  Eddie's grandparents live in Pendleton, SC, which is about 2 hours away from Augusta.  We all met there Friday night. 

Me and the boys loaded up and hit the road about 4:30... and we didn't arrive at the house until almost 10.  The "3.45" drive that Eddie promised wasn't so much. 

 The boys insisted on sitting in the 3rd row.  I downloaded an audio book (figured out a free way to do this! Post coming!), so I was thrilled to have them back there where they were quieter! And so happy...

Even though I asked (multiple times) for everyone to pee and poop before we left the house, Andy's miralax kicked in and he required a stop. 

 We got back on the road again and stopped at Chick fil a for dinner-- Andy sitting in the back with his grilled chicken salad--- odd kid. 

Annnnd..... about 20 minutes later, he had to stop.  Again.  It was the nastiest bathroom ever and I was beyond grossed out by it all.  But when you gotta go, you gotta go.  Sigh.   

 We were stopping constantly and then the traffic on 85 looked like this.  For a long time. 

It was a parking lot for miles and miles.  It took us a long time to get anywhere.  But then Andy fell asleep.  

As soon as he fell asleep, my gas light came on.  Of course it did! I stopped and he stayed asleep the whole time.  Then Cal started saying he thought he was going to throw up. And 30 mins before we pulled in, Andy woke up and started crying. Screaming, really.  And maintained this until we got there.    And then 5.5 hours later, we arrived.

We were all beat when we got there and ready for bed. 

Saturday morning, lala made the boys some waffles.  They gobbled them up!

Eddie and I pulled out of the driveway at 8am, heading to Augusta!

We had the BEST day together! We walked and walked and walked.  I ended up wearing shorts, a long sleeved shirt and a vest and I was totally comfortable all day.  We ate when we wanted to (omg, the pimento cheese sandwiches-- sweet dreams are made of these), drank whenever we wanted and walked everywhere.  I so enjoyed my day with my husband. We don't get these uninterrupted days very often and we both needed it!

My ticket to get in...
We stayed there until around 5 and then hit the road to head home-- another 5 hour drive! Eddie's dad drive the boys home earlier in the day... and I think he ended up stopped 4 times- all for poop! HA! Bless Andy's heart... I think he finally got it all cleared out.  phew.  And bless my father in law's heart-- I think he was worn out by bed time.  BUT, we got home and he smiled at us and said "I told the boys we could have a camp out, so they are both in my bed..." and Popy slept with both boys downstairs in the guest I got to sleep through the night! And it was glorious! I haven't slept all night in so so long. 

Sunday morning was spent getting things done around the house.  Vacuuming like crazy and so much laundry...! The boys had a fitting for a fashion show this week (!!!) so we did that and then I was able to meet my momma for lunch- such a treat!

The boys played "masters" outside while the big boys (Eddie and his dad) watched it inside while cooking ribs on the grill (I laugh as I type this because Eddie slept through 90% of the tournament...). 

I think Bruce missed his boys... I walked in to find this in the playroom... (!!!!)

Some snuggles in between loads of laundry:

Playing "masters" in the yard- haha
Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!