Thursday, April 28, 2016

Andy's ER visit

To pick up where I left off...

Monday was a typical day, filled with popup, dog walking, school pickups, soccer and dinner at Chick Fil A.

Bath time came and momma was PUMPED. Eddie was out of town and I was looking forward to getting the kids down and reading my book.

Cal was in and out of the shower just fine.  Andy was a different story.  To recap, he slipped in the shower and caught his chin on the edge of the tub. Hard.  I cringe thinking about how hard he hit.

My parents came flying over (thank you soooo much, mom and dad!).  We debated leaving one parent here with Cal, but Andy really wanted grandma AND grandpa AND Cal to all be there.  At this point, I wasn't arguing.  I just wanted to get in the car and go.

Every urgent care in out area closes at 8:00 and wouldn't you know it, this happened at 7:57.  Of course it did.  SO, the emergency room it was.  With every other crazy person in this town.

We sent this picture to Eddie to let him know we were okay:

 And we got to the hospital.  There was a line to even check in to give our name.  Then we had to go through the metal detector.  Then we were in the first waiting room where it was so crowded there weren't seats for all of us.  They called me and Andy back to the first room where they said Monday nights were always beyond crowded-- great night for this to happen!

Long story short, we were told they move peds cases first, and there was a room opening up, so we waited.  Everyone decided to just stay and wait since we were told it wouldn't be long.  It's just a whole lot of waiting!

Andy and I went back to the little room and we finally saw a doctor who determined stitches would be needed.  She got a nurse to get some numbing stuff for the chin and some oxy for mom-- I mean Andy.  Just to make him extra chill.

Finally at 10:45, she came back and had Andy lay back and she wrapped him up like a burrito and she stitched him up! 4 stitches and some glue on top.

All drugged up:
 Meanwhile, these two were having no fun in the waiting room....

 I was rubbing his leg to get him nice and relaxed....

And, when it was all done, he got a Popsicle!  Totally made it worth it! He cried during the stitches a little bit-- but not bad at all-- I was thinking some serious screaming would occur, but he was so brave!

We were sent home and my sweet parents took us and I carried in the boys and put them straight to bed- everyone was asleep immediately!

 Andy slept in my bed Monday night- I wanted to keep him close to me! And by the time I got back upstairs from letting the dogs out, he was out cold, snoring.  Sweet kid.  That had to have been scary for him!
Had to document the whole first trip to the ER-- I know with these two, it will not be my last trip there.  I didn't enjoy it one bit.  It was eye-opening for sure....and it totally made me appreciate my healthy kids.  Hoping to not make another trip there for a looooong time......! (knocking on wood...!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A day in the life....AND A TRIP TO THE ER...!

Ohhhh, my.

I planned last week to document a day in the life on Monday of this week.  I hadn't done one in a while and I really enjoy looking back on these posts and reading about what life was like.

Well.  I picked Monday because it was to be a typical day: school for the boys, teaching popup for me, soccer for Cal, dinner, bath, bed.

The day followed as planned... until a slip in the tub and a trip to the ER.  Stay tuned.

Here is a look at my Monday, which was, for the most part, a typical day!

I woke up at 6:35 (this clock is actually 6 minutes fast, so it was 6:29- ha!).   Eddie was out of town so I woke up to a little friend in my bed. 

He demanded chugginton:

And we hung out there snuggling because I was refusing to move until 7.  The elementary school doesn't start until 8:45, so we have some really lazy mornings... next year, they are switching it and they will start an hour earlier and it will ROCK us all...!

After scrolling through all of instagram, I finally managed to walk into the bathroom.  Well, hello there, enemy.  I weigh myself every morning.  I know it's not good for you.  Hush.  I didn't ask.  It's what I do.  

I headed down the hall and let Bruce out of his crate and put these sweet booties on Hank.  He can't make it down the hardwood stairs any more-- actually hasn't been able to for a while.  He slipped and fell HARD a few times so we got these for him.  A total pain in the rear, but he is totally worth it.  

I turned on the keurig and then took the dogs outside to take care of business.  I love to wave at neighbors while out there in my robe.  Makes them uncomfortable, I am sure! 

Back inside, I make my first cup of tea... 

While that pours, I feed the pups... they have such nice manners.  

Cal woke up while I was outside.  He asked for eggs and Andy said he wanted some too.  So I scrambled some eggs and cooked them while sipping my tea.  

 They watched to watch ESPN while they ate, and since Eddie wasn't home to watch the news, I let them. 

While they ate, I made my breakfast... yummmmm...

A second cup of tea (because, #monday) and I headed upstairs to get ready to go.  

These two were NOT feeling it Monday morning.  Holy cow.  They were tired and did not want to do much of anything.  (this is another reminder of how hard next year will be with both kids needing to be at school by 7:45-- which is late according to most schools, I know!!!) 

I stopped in Andy's room and made his bed. 
 Normally, I make the kids make their beds, but I knew on this Monday morning I would be hard-pressed to get them to do much of anything. 

Did the same in Cal's room and put away a load of laundry in each room.

Got myself dressed and documented the curls I still had after Saturday night's curling wand.  I was surprised they lasted this long-- and, I should note, I did BATHE between Saturday and Monday-- just not wash my hair.  
 How? I used a lot of this:

Both boys came up to get dressed and brush teeth and then we all headed down.  I filled up my S'well for the first time of the day and packed up back packs with papers and lunches (packed lunches Sunday night). 

I had 5 minutes before we needed to leave, so I quickly unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.  Always thankful to have that done. 

While I was doing that, the boys had a game of basketball going in the driveway.  Every single morning they do this.  

Car loaded and backing out of the driveway!

8:42, we pulled into Cal's school to drop him off. 

 Headed to Andy's school to drop him off and then headed to the country club to teach popup at 9:30!

Class was from 9:30-10:30 and then I cleaned up and left the room looking like this:

After class, I looked at my phone-- I had some text messages to catch up on, so I sat in the parking lot and replied to a few people.  

I headed home after popup, but had to stop to fill up Eddie's truck.  I was running on fumes.....

 I had my head phones in because I was talking to a friend on the phone and I always use these when I am on the phone!

I grabbed a handful of these:
  and then headed out to walk the dogs.

 I continued my phone conversation the entire 30 minute walk.  I didn't get any texts while I was on the phone.  When the walk finished, I looked at my phone:

 Clearly I was missing something good in a group text! I got all caught up and then put the dogs inside-- Bruce wanted to keep on walking:

I made a smoothie for lunch and it was YUM.  Can you see both dogs in the picture below? Our little walk wears them out!

Tuesday morning is trash and recycling day, but they come super early, so I have to take the bins to the road the night before.  I didn't want to mess with it earlier, so I hauled them out to the road as I was leaving my house. 

I went to the library to return a bunch of books and check out some new ones.  
 The boys love when I get them new books! I usually don't take them with me to the library, and I realize I totally should.  It is much faster when I go, and I prefer to have a little influence on what they check out.  When I let them search, they grab the most random, horrible books ever (anything about toots they can find....). 

I made a quick run to the grocery store for some honey (making power balls, Amy!) and then ran to the preschool to print something quickly.  All the kids were on the playground.  Nice and quiet hallway.....

As soon as I picked up Andy and told him I went to the library, he started flipping through the books in the backseat.  I hope they stay this excited about books!

I needed to run to target, so I bribed Andy with a trip to Dunkin for a donut for him and an iced tea for me (ahhhhh). As we pulled into the drive through, Andy informed me he had to poop RIGHTTHISSECOND, so we parked and scooted in to use the facility.  
All pooped out and back in the car with his donut. 
 I thoroughly enjoyed this tea.  So so good. 
 After a quick trip to Target to get a new hair dryer, we went home and I finished gathering all the materials needed to register Andy for kindergarten...! eeek!

 We were taking in the packet when we picked up Cal (a little early) so we had time to kill so we made some POWER BALLS (totally called something else, but that's what we call them and we are obsessed.....).

 We put the "dough" in the fridge and then I had to put the booties back on Hank to get him down the stairs again (I don't know why he goes back up over and over and over again.  It's exhausting). 
 I found Bruce who was snoozing in "his" room...
 and took the pups out again, while Andy zoned out-- he doesn't do this often...and when he does, it isn't for more than 5 minutes...but it is some sweet silence when he does!

And then we headed off to the elementary school to drop off the registration packet! Here is the newest kindergartener! Bring it year!!!

Ready to go! Hope kindergarten is ready for this one.......!

 We checked Cal out a few minutes early to avoid the carpool mess and had to take another picture of the cuties-- both super excited to be at the same school!
 I had a committee meeting at the country club at 3:30 so we headed there and the boys played on the playground.  Then it was time to get ready for soccer-- Monday was Cal's practice day.  Loaded up and heading to the fields:
 Andy likes to play lacrosse with his buddy, so he took a stick so they could play. 

 Cal is waaaaay over there playing-- so so so many kids out there. 

 After practice we brought home some friends-- sweaty, goofy boys in the back!
 After I took those boys home, we ran to chick fil a for dinner.  Momma wasn't cooking.  Cal gobbled up a number 1 (no pickles!)...
 while Andy chowed down on a salad (no cheese!). 

After dinner, I took the dogs out again,
and when I came in, Cal told me he was STARVING and wanted more food (this is after he already ate an entire meal), so he asked if he could have left over meatloaf. 

After he ate that and I cleaned the kitchen, it was time for showers.  I was soooo close to quiet book reading, I could taste it.

Cal took a shower and I brushed Andy's teeth.  Then Cal finished and Andy got in.  He likes to soap up on his knees, so he was all slippery and when he stood up, he was wiggling around and being goofy and his feet slipped right out from under him and his chin hit the side of the tub.  Hard.  It hit so hard, a part of me thought I was going to grab him out and there would be no teeth in his mouth.

I knew right away he would need stitches.  I watched the whole thing happen and was sitting there with his towel, so I grabbed him and wrapped him up and immediately put the towel on his chin.

I told Cal to go quickly and put clothes on and I called my mom (who had just plugged her phone in in the other room) and then my dad.  When he answered, I told him I needed him to come get us because we needed to go to the ER.  He didn't hesitate and said "we are on the way."

This is Andy's picture on the way to the ER...

After all the ER fun, we were back home, and the boys went to bed waaayyyy too late.  But the dogs needed some attention:

And then I had a sweet boy in my bed:

I documented the end result of a long day:

And I crawled into bed to crash:

But I couldn't sleep, so I stayed away way past midnight and then woke up a million times throughout the night- of course!

Phew! This was the longest post ever-- sorry! I will finish up the ER post next, but I had to put an end to the day in a life post.  Clearly, this wasn't a typical ending of the day....but it started pretty normal! ha!

If you made it his far, well done!