Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Report

Only three books this month!

The first one I mentioned already in my Friday Favorites post.

1. A Hundred Summers
Oh how I loved this book! I really enjoyed Tiny Little Thing by this same author-- although I didn't realize it was the same author until I finished this one and decided I had to read more by her! This book took me back in time- and made me long to live back in 1938...and it also made me want to smoke cigarettes- hahaha I have never said that after reading a book!
A young woman is summering at the shore and her ex-fiance and her former best friend all are there to.  The book goes from past tense to present to figure out how it all fit together.  I loved this book and all the characters! I have already picked out several other books by her to read.  I'll keep you posted!

2. A Summer Affair
Is it possible to go a month without reading one of her books? Gracious! I listened to this book (I usually listen to Hilderbrand books-- oddly enough....). This one was a pretty good one! I don't really enjoy reading about affairs- haha- it makes me uncomfortable for the people conducting them-- is that super lame??? Like in this book, I am all kinds of anxious for the couple having the affair: will they be caught? Why is she doing this?? Does she WANT to get caught?? Will these people forgive them? So I struggled with these questions throughout the book.  I didn't dislike the book, but I wasn't always comfortable while reading it, if that makes sense hahaha.  Maybe that's why authors write about people having affairs-- because these questions keep you guessing and reading...? I don't know.  A good beach read for sure!

3. The One That Got Away

This book was really good! It is the perfect beach read-- there is romance and everything.  I laughed, I cried (harder than I expected to) and I couldn't wait to keep reading it.  It's about a girl who had a one night stand (as she calls it) with the most amazing man she's ever met-- but it ends up being a one night stand and she never hears from him again.  She finally moves on and is in love and it talking marriage when the first guy moves back into town.  There are all sorts of backs and forths throughout the plot.  An easy, good read!

I have an ongoing list on my phone with books to read-- send me any suggestions you have too, please!!