Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend Update: Memorial Day!

We had a GREAT weekend at the beach celebrating Memorial Day! The weather was supposed to be AWFUL the whole weekend-- Tropical Storm Bonnie was supposed to put a damper (harharhar) on the weekend, but it ended up hardly raining at all! We had amazing weather and spent most of the weekend playing outside. 

Cal and I picked up CB from the airport Thursday afternoon and then headed to the beach to meet the rest of the crew. 

We got there in time for a beautiful sunset:

My parents were down too-- and mom joined us for a sunset

We had dinner over at my parents house and while it was cooking, Eddie and his dad and the boys had a BIG very intense football game going on.  They were not messing around! 

We spent all day Friday out on the beach.  Bruce got to go over too and he spent his entire time there in the water with the boys.  See his little head below? 

They were so cute together out there!

My children are fearless in the water.  It is great, but terrifying.  Seeing Andy dive under waves is quite a scare.  But he loves it. And Cal does too. 

Three of my boys! Hank didn't make the cut to go-- and he was fine with it.  Too hot for that sweet boy.  

I swear Bruce was smiling.  :)

So, due to some fun house inspection stuff as we were trying to leave (and by fun, I mean they showed up 40 minutes early, and I wasn't packed and had to throw random stuff in a bag....), I forgot to pack a hat.  We went to the food lion Thursday night and I bought this one-- thought it was fine enough....but then I had multiple people comment that it looks like a Donald Trump hat... might have to burn the thing.  Oh well.... 

After a full day outside, we went to watch the sunset and the boys wanted to get in the water as it set.  Love it--

We got up Saturday and took the dogs on a walk-- we had quite the crew walking our pack!
 Hank, Bru and Tucker Lou!

We headed over to the beach again and the boys spent the entire day playing as hard as they could.  They had so much fun playing over there.

The boys adore their uncle ah-ho!

These cute girls were playing spike ball and Andy was watching and inching closer and closer until finally he asked if he could play with them.  Then Cal worked up the courage to go play too.  They were so sweet to them-- and Cal and Andy were in heaven. 

They went skim boarding together (my life just fast flashed forward 10 years.....) and then their dad took a picture of the group together.  So cute.  

That night we had dinner over at my parents house and all the cousins sang happy birthday to my mom- who has a birthday next week.  Lucky lady!

Hankers wanted to sleep on a bunk bed too!

We went out on the boat for a day and had so so much fun out on the water.  It was supposed to be a rainy wash-out of a weekend, but it ended up being like this every day--- no clue how we lucked out like this!

The boys had a great time jumping off the boat and swimming around in the sound. 

I can not stop laughing at Andy's photobomb in the background-- that funny little grin:

Bruce got to go out there and swim around. He had a big time out there.  We were worried he wouldn't be able to walk after all the swimming he did.  I finally had to bend down and hold him up just to make him take a break.  Look at the little water dog....

At the end of the day, Andy was flat worn out.  My (sweet) mother took him to her house and bathed him and let him watch a show in his bed-- a favorite past time of his.  He was out cold and took a nice little nap...it was needed (all around!).  

We had lots of fun this weekend with lots of family-- and feel so lucky to get to be all together!

Hope y'all all had great weekends too-- hopefully the weather wasn't too bad where you were.  I can't believe our luck!