Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life Lately

Finding the time to post has been a challenge lately! When we are home, the kids want to be going somewhere and doing something constantly... then we are running to swim team practice and then on errands. 

Here's a look at life lately!

We spent some quality time at the pool Saturday afternoon.  We worked on the house a TON on Saturday and we were sweaty and gross and probably pretty stinky.  Andy wanted to crawl up in my lap for some snuggles.  Happy to oblige!

 That night, he insisted on styling his hair before going to bed.  I had to creep in to take a picture of him asleep with his hair all big and UP. 
 Bright and early the next morning, I was lucky enough to have these two to snuggle with me!
 We went to church Sunday morning and I am so so glad we did! We haven't been in what feels like forever so it was great to get up and go. 

These two sat in big church with us and they did GREAT! They had communion and they walked up front and took it with us-- I was a proud momma!
 Huge shout out to the lady who offered to take our family's picture after the service.  It's always awkward having a picture taken like this, but I am always so so glad when we do.  It isn't often they are dressed in "real" clothes and we are all together, somewhat smiling. 
 After church, we had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.... Andy hit the jackpot on some game and got a bunch of tickets. 
 These two cuties have so much fun together... love them!

Cal beat the high score on this basketball game and he was suuuuper excited! hahaha

Lately, I have been taking the dogs on walks in the morning.  It just gets too stinking hot to take them later in the day so we get up and go and the boys usually follow on some sort of device.  On this day, they were ahead on their bikes.  

Cal has been BEGGING for sunglasses lately.  Talks about them nonstop.  I had to go to CVS to pick up a few things and he spotted a pair and I finally caved and bought them each a pair.  They were pumped! (Andy's glasses are crooked on purpose-- he was wearing one arm of the glasses over his ear....because....well, Andy.)

Later, he enjoyed lunch, glasses still on....
 and then a little iPad time....glasses still on.......

We constantly have neighbors popping in and out at our house, and the ones across the street stopped by and I caught Cal and the little girl reading a book together-- pretty sweet if you ask me!
 I went out Monday night for a MUCH needed girls dinner out and when I came home, Hank wasn't feeling well... not sure what was up with him, but he wasn't acting himself.  Some snuggles from me and he was back to good by morning. 
 This kid.........
 My mom found this really cool shark bookshelf thing from pottery barn and got it for Cal's room-- clearly he loves it! We were going to put it in another spot, but he said he really wanted it above his bed, so we gave him what he wanted! He has since filled this thing up with ribbons and books and stuffed animals.... more pictures to come of his whole room. 
 more scooter riding!

 Bruce went on a second walk one day and it was all he needed to take a big ol nap!

We've been doing a little "homework" time each day just to keep them up on their skills for school.  They actually ask me for it each day so I roll with it.  I also need it for some structure-- and having 15 minutes of them working on something quietly is a God send for me.  

Bruce has gotten a LOT of snuggles-- especially from Andy!
 Both dogs at the window watching us pull away on Wednesday morning. 

Homework time again! Love this sight.  Cal is working on addition and Andy is working on lower case letters.  

Where's Bruce?!
And that's a look at life lately!!!!