Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Start of soccer season!

Another soccer season is upon us! Practices started this week and the boys were excited! Andy moved leagues and is now playing on a U6 team in the same league as Cal. Cal is now playing on a U8 team-- but it's pretty much all the same team mates as last year. 

Sweet little soccer players. 

During practice tonight, a bunch of Cal's buddies skinned off their shirts and were kicking around the field. As he walked over to the car, I swear, it was like I was looking at a high schooler. 

I swear he wasn't mad. Maybe that's just his game face?!? Bwahahahahaha 

We are really looking forward to another soccer season! Bring on the practices, the games and all the fun!

A good boy

Hank goes to sleep in Andy's room every night. He sleeps right next to the bed-

Step one: fall asleep next to dog. 

Step two:

Fall out of bed, land on dog and remain asleep. 

Found them like this when I went to check on Andy. 

Sweet boys....