Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Update! Ballin'

Such a fun weekend!! Warmer weather is coming and with that will bring more beach trips, which we are thrilled about, but we are also really enjoying our busy weekends here too. 

My parents had my brother's kids for the weekend so we all went over to their house Friday night for dinner.  Talk about CHAOS...! Holy cow, it was loud and crazy! We ate and headed home by 7.  It is always nice for the cousins to see each other though!

Saturday morning we were up early for Cal's 8am game.  Andy did his hair and was ready to go!

Sweet Laura sent me this picture of the two brothers watching the game- love their smiles. 

I missed his game because I was teaching KIDSPOP during that time! 

We all met back at the house and then soon thereafter, we loaded up to head out to Andy's game.  The Red Dragons had another great game.    #undefeated
 One of the moms overheard the other team's coach say "where did these guys come from? They are like an AAU team." Another mom commented that knowing the difference between offense and defense gives us a leg up-- hahahaha

It was the second to last game to medals were handed out-- Andy was thrilled.  He has watched his brother get one and he was pumped to actually get his own-- not one that he has stolen when Cal isn't looking...

Here are those cute RED DRAGONS: 
 Can you tell Andy is proud? hahahaha

After the game, we came home and I got to work baking cookies... Our buddy Will turned 15 and was having around 15 of his buddies over to his house to watch the Carolina game.  I offered my cookies (which, I know are a favorite of his) and he jumped all over the idea.  

We delivered 36 cookies to Will and his buddies and we had to get a picture with the birthday boy.

We went to the club for the BIG UNC/dook game and we had so much fun! Everyone came with their kids and they put us all in a room with a huge flat screen.  Everyone had a lot of fun and...
 UNC won!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! It was such a great game and then ending had me about sick to my stomach.  So much fun watching with a big group of friends. 
They probably could have heard us screaming in Durham....

 Some of the girls there-- this was right after the buzzer, hence the mega smiles.

My father in law has a small love of dook that we will not discuss on here, but he was trying to smack talk me the whole game.  It was hilarious-- so after the game, Cal put on his Davidson sweatshirt (Poppy's alma mater) and we sent him this picture and told him to just focus on Davidson- hahaa

We got home late and got the kids in bed and after changing into comfy clothes, the dogs crawled right into my lap.  I sat on the floor loving on them for a while...mainly because I couldn't get up, but also because it was sweet. 

Sunday morning was slow moving... I may or may not have been slightly hungover.... holy margarita. I got myself moving and did a bunch of housework.  We had loads of laundry to do, loads of dog hair to vacuum up and a ton of stuff that just needed to be sorted/thrown away.

I also gave the boys bathroom a little attention.  We bought the below shower curtain and mat when I was pregnant with Andy... it was time to upgrade a little.  The shower curtain has been peed on-- a lot, and I can't even think about that mat.  Obviously we have washed it a bunch, but it just looks gross now.  

I got the curtain and mat at Target and after I hung it up, Andy walked in and covered his mouth and said "oh, mommy! It is just amazing! I love it so much!" HAHAHAHA Guess a new one was needed-- great reaction from him!

While I was going around the house like a tornado, the boys curled up on Cal's bed to have a little iPad time together.  This led to a massive fight, but it was super sweet for a few minutes.  
After them being lazy and me getting junk done, it was time to head to football. It turned out to be a gorgeous day- maybe slightly chilly, but the sun felt great.

The boys just eat this stuff up.  I say it every week, I know I do.  They just love playing flag football.  And I love seeing them so happy!

After the game, all the brothers cheesing it up for the camera.  Love these mugs...

The rest of our weekend involved yard work and me taking a looooong bath listening to my book.  Peace! I needed it!

Bring on the week!