Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The baseball season is into full swing (hardy har har) and we are having multiple practices and games each week.  It has been ad adjustment, but it's been fun!

One of the wives out there takes pictures with a good camera-- there are several of hers mixed in here, along with some of mine:

 Watching them play side by side in the field brings on allll kinds of emotions for me.  I have NO clue what the future holds for them, which sports they will play, if they will play sports at all! So it is really special for me to look out and see them out there, playing side by side, and backing each other up-- sweetness overload!

Cal has been playing catcher a lot and he seems to really like it! He's supposed to be way further up than that, but that will come.  He comes from a long line of catchers so we will see if he wants to continue playing it. 

Cal was the catcher and Andy was the pitcher...and my heart was swelling, I swear.  

Both boys have gotten so much better at hitting.  Cal really rips it and neither one has been struck out the past few games (we have a game tonight-- watch me jinx the whole thing!).  

 Andy has really improved in hitting too! He's working on not hitting it directly towards first every time-- and he's gotten better at that.  He loves running the bases. 

On one of Andy's hits last game, he brought Cal around and they were grinning at each other.  Again- momma heart going wild.  
 He's coming for ya, nug!
These boys....

As much as I was disappointed in placement this year, I have really enjoyed having both boys on the same team.  Not only has it made my life easier, but it's been really fun to watch!!