Thursday, June 8, 2017

Life Lately

Here is some life lately! A whole lot of random.  Did any of y'all watch Dirty Dancing the remake on TV last week? I couldn't turn it off.  I couldn't look away.  I wanted to, but couldn't.  Johnny was hot with his shirt off. Poor poor baby.... not very cute and bless her heart, she couldn't dance at all! My friend sent me a link to some comments from others on the internet, and this next one made me laugh so hard:

 Okay, so that was random and not really about our life lately, but ohhhh it made me laugh. 

The boys beg to sleep together every night.  This is what it looked like the other night-- out cold.

Heading to the mock meet, all Sharked out.  
 Jumping into summer like.....

Party on, Nug. 

We went to a block party type thing that was pretty amazing....Andy got some icecream right off the bat.  

He sat on my lap for this picture and then told me he tooted on my leg and he loves me.  Good stuff.  
 He was catching lightning bugs right and left and loving it.

Don't you think about taking my bone, woman.  

Cal went on a birthday party to the movies and then a sleepover.  Brave parents, I tell ya!!!! 8 boys together.  CRAZY.  

While Cal was at his sleepover, Andy and Charlie went to chick fil a and played and then had a sleep over too!
 Out like lights!
 Meanwhile, this situation was happening back at the other party!

We had a going away party for some friends that night and had a lovely night out with some of my faves!

Sometimes, you just want to cuddle with the pup..... I don't blame either of them. 

Cal had his final flag football game this week.  They tried to intimidate the competition with their war paint.  Not sure it worked.  But they sure do have fun out there!
 Bring on the weekend!!!