Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites!


What a fun week! We are beach bound this weekend and we are super excited.  

A few favorites for you this week:

1. This kid and his sunglasses. I said he begged for him a few weeks ago and he still loves them.  He came home from baseball camp the other day and put them on and  I mean, they were on the entire afternoon, through dinner and finally came off when it was shower time. 

2. These fun new bulletin boards!!! My mom made them for the boys! This is in Cal's room (he calls it his Baltimore...)-

This one is in Andy's room..... (and more items have been added to this since taking this picture-- he is obsessed with this board!!!)
and then this HUGE board is hanging in the playroom. 

Our thought is they can hang up whatever they want on their boards in their rooms- awards, ribbons, special papers, anything meaningful to them.  The one in the playroom is for big art projects and pictures of them or whatever. The boys are so so so excited about these boards! I am too- def a favorite this week!

3. These boys and their camps this week are a HUGE favorite of mine! Andy was super excited and ready to get to camp.  And, I was too..... big time. 
And this cutie and his baseball camp.... seeing his big ol' smile every day and how his baseball attire grows with each day is a huge favorite of mine.  Add the sunglasses, the socks, the hat.... he's like a real player!

4. Speaking of baseball, I found this lamp and it is a definite favorite on mine and Cal's! I have it on his book shelf and when he saw it, he let out a huge gasp-- and that right there makes it a favorite of mine!

5. My friend makes those custom wood signs, which I have written about before....her etsy shop is HERE.   She has started making some Christmas signs and I love them all-- they are ALL my favorite! I mean, look at some of these she's working on! How will I ever decide what to order?!

I know it's only July but this is like Christmas in July! Never too early to think about it, right?! But I also want a fall sign....and a Halloween sign....and and and and.....

6. And finally, Nordstrom is having their big a** sale currently, duh.  I have several favorites on the site that I can't wait to order....
These jeans
These candles
This bra..!
These pants

And many many many other items!!! I plan to do some mega shopping- wooooohoooooooo! Love this sale!