Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Book Report

First: y'all are so sweet with the messages from yesterday's post about my toe- haha! Thank you! It is a stupid little pinky toe and I feel like everyone an their aunt has broken it at one time or another.  I know it will heal quickly.  Until then, you can catch me hobbling about!

I haven't done a book report since June! I am over due! I have four books to share with you today.  I swear, it feels like I have read more, but apparently not. 

Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams

 I thought this one was so good! Maybe, deep down, I want to be a 60s housewife?? Doubtful.  But the way this story was told, in the past and in the present and how they tied together was really good to me. Another friend of mine read this also, and she didn't love it as much as I did-- but I really enjoyed this one!

Lies and Other Acts of Love by Kristey Woodsen Harvey

This one was recommended to me and truthfully, the jury is still out.  Part of me really enjoyed this book- a lot! Then part of me was super annoyed by parts of it.  I found myself going back and forth from wanting to read more and more and more and then sighing.  I opened it without knowing anything about it and was surprised to see it takes place in North Carolina-- and part of it at Atlantic Beach.  I liked reading about the dual love stories going on and found it to be a cute story-- with a twist in the end!

The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
 I sooooo wanted to like this one...and I soooo didn't.  It had some redeeming parts to it.  But it was a major let down to me.  It's funny because I was almost embarrassed that I didn't love this book because so many people rave about it.  But now, I am hearing more and more people admit that they didn't really care for it either.  There are loads of characters and you don't really get to know any of them.  Right when something happens, you are taken away and a new character becomes the focus and then you forget about the first character you were reading about....then when that first character comes back, you have to remind yourself what it was they were up to.  Oh well.  Glad I read it, but I wouldn't recommend it...

Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyes
 This book was a long one (almost 500 pages), but it was oh so good.  This author is becoming a favorite of mine! I listened to this book and found myself so entranced in what was happening.  In it, the characters are on board a ship, at the end of the war, being delivered to their husbands- from Australia to England.  I can picture this book being made into a movie.  There is drama, love, excitement and everything else.  It was gooooood.  Long, but good!

So there are the books I have read this month-ish.  We are leaving on Wednesday for a trip (with no kiddos!) so I am planning on reading a BUNCH.  I have downloaded already to my kindle several books that I can't wait to read.  

You have any suggestions for me?? Send them if you do!