Thursday, October 13, 2016

Baseball for CalBoy

This is our first real season playing baseball. The kids did a small little tee-ball league that was a whole lot of standing around...two teams would be in the outfield, two teams in the in field and there wasn't a whole lot happening. 

This new league we are in has been fantastic.  I had two people recently ask me about it and so I thought I would do a baseball post. 

I am not a baseball lover.  Football, I love.  I love watching soccer.  I love watching swimming.  Tennis is enjoyable.  I don't mind going to baseball games-- but that's pretty much because I love a hotdog and a beer. 

So when the boys and Eddie were discussing starting baseball, I was prepared to sit and watch paint dry-- because, yawn, baseball can be sloooooooow. 

I will go on record right here and say there is nothing slow or boring about this baseball.  (side note, I have only been to part of one of Andy's games...the others I have had to run Cal to soccer or they have been rained out, so this post is primarily about Cal's team.)  It is fast-paced and it is exciting.  Now that I have been to numerous of Cal's games, I am much calmer....ish.  The first few I was a hot damn mess- now I know y'all find this hard to believe.............

Our last game was from 6-8, and now that it's getting dark earlier, it was under the lights and it was really fun.  The team is really clicking and figuring out what to do where (when to throw to first vs second, etc...). 

Cal's coach is phenomenal.  He makes the kids look him in the eye, he is positive and encouraging, but he will also call them on their mistakes-- but instead of just yelling at kids (which we watched another coach do one game..., he will say things like "next time, where should you throw it? That's exactly right! Great!" It has made all the difference in learning this game for Cal. 

Andy also has a FABULOUS coach-- he has coached him in other sports (and Cal too!) so we already knew how patient and caring he is. 

At our last game, Cal was up to bat 5 times and he got 5 hits! HOLLA! He also was able to make it all the way around the bases all 5 times.  He loooooves running across home plate, so this was a big deal to him.  He also had multiple great plays on defense.  He's got a buddy on the team who he really likes to throw to (this kid can catch almost anything, so I think Cal knows his chances are better throwing to him- ha!) and they made several great plays. 

All in all it has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience! No clue what the future holds for sports, but it is fun to see the boys pick up a new one!  Both guys have games this weekend so it will be fun to watch!