Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Update: SNOW MY GOODNESS!

The first snow of the season creates some mega excitement... especially when you live in a town that doesn't have the means to remove the snow.  For my family up in Michigan (hi!!!), I realize you get 100 inches of snow and nothing is shut down.  Down here, we have a threat of snow and the world halts. 

The forecasters were going crazy with predictions for Friday snow fall.  Friday morning, I got a call during workout that the schools would be releasing two hours early-- so at 12:15, I was off to pick up my kiddos!

After school, heading home-- ready for the snow to hit! They were predicting 8-12 inches....which would be a LOT for us! They thought it would start hitting around 5, which is when a bunch of buses are running, so that's why kids got out early. 

We were supposed to go to a friend's surprise party downtown Friday night.  She finally decided to cancel it because the weather looked way too iffy.  She ended up having it at her house and it was a great great time!!!

I wore a new sweater I got for Christmas and had to send my mom a picture thanking her- hahaha #bestshopperever

With three of my sweet neighbors! 

Eddie and Chuck are like long lost brothers--

The snow did not start up as started raining...and the first flake did not fall until 11pm.  Seriously.  We woke up at 5:45 to the sound of our neighbors playing in the snow in their back yard.  Andy was on our floor (shocker) and heard them....he was SO excited to get out there! As was Bruce.... they both sat at the window watching excitedly.  
 By 8am, Andy wouldn't wait any longer-- he was ready to suit up and GO!

He was gone before I knew it-- and thrilled to be out there!

 My parents are known for their snow day parties-- basically when it snows, a bunch of people just show up carrying something to share/drink and before you know it, everyone is outside playing in the snow together!
 Bruce could.not.take the excitement of the snow. 
Finally it was his turn!
 We headed out for round two, over at my parents house:

 But not before I took a picture of our house in the snow: love love love this house!
 My boys all loaded up and ready to go!

So so happy!

 A few friends from the neighborhood popped over briefly:
 And Andy about popped when he saw Lee walk down the hill! They were thrilled to sled together for hours.

A sweet friend of my mom's brought stuff to make smores in the outside fireplace....these cuties were thrilled!

Another picture with great friends! #canyouseeeddie??

Andy was SO happy out there.... I swear, he never said he was cold one time...and it was REALLY cold out there.  
 There was a pretty epic game of snow football-- which was a big hit for Eddie and Chuck as well as these boys. 

And some fireball was had too...... 
 I feel like I should add here that I do not own snow pants.  I was going to duct tape garbage bags to my legs (thank you, sally for the idea!), but Eddie pulled some of his old pants out for me.... they were huge....

 My dad broke out the drone and took some pictures-- hahaha

 All of my mom's friends and then me and Meredith jumped in the front for the last pics...

The day was a LOT for Bruce-- and the rest of the crew! Eddie and Bruce were both asleep by 6.  I bathed the boys and they both were asleep by 7:05.
 It was a busy busy Saturday!!!

Sunday morning we woke up and the snow was still here! It was coooold so nothing melted.  Everything froze, actually, so we have ice everywhere. 

Outside again-- this time for not as long!

I made chili dogs for lunch while the kids played outside.  They came in to thaw out and eat and then we made cookies.  
 Andy and I decorated them while watching Carolina dominate State in basketball...! Cal spent a long afternoon playing x-box.... normally I would regulate that, but it was pretty perfect for a snowy, cold Sunday!
 We have no school today and I will be interested to see if we have any tomorrow... we will need a lot of melting for that to happen! It is supposed to be WARM late in the week, so I bet that will happen!

I am realizing I could never ever live in a place where it is cold like this.  I would be the fattest, unhealthiest person you've ever met.  All I want to do is curl up on the couch and read my book and eat nonstop.  I am not even hungry, but I'm like "ohhhh this _____ would be really great right now...." and then I eat it.  what. the. what.  Depending on the roads in a bit, I will see if I can make it to popup this morning.  When I went to bed last night, they were like a skate rink- straight up ice.  But would I complain to cuddle up on the couch with a book???? nahhhhhh........ (ps, I am reading a really good one right now!!!)

Hope you have a GREAT week!!!