Thursday, May 4, 2017

LAST weekend (way late)

(meant to publish this on Monday-- whoops! I am a little's already time for another weekend!)

If I had to come up with one word to sum up this past weekend, it would be OUTSIDE.

We have basically skipped spring and we are heading straight for summer.  Actually, Tuesday was amazing out-- hopefully it stay like that for a while!

So back to this weekend...

Friday night was the school carnival.  The boys love this and had the best time again this year.  Lots and lots of games and jump houses and activities for the school- love it!

 Parking across the street and walking up- love that Andy took Hunter's hand (whether or not Hunter cared....). 

Immediately, the boys had a silly string war.  

And then it was chaos and everyone off on their own-- I basically walked around the carnival by myself catching random glimpses of the boys.  I sent Eddie to the club to go have dinner with friends-- no use it both of us being there sweating like crazy!

I caught Andy going down the slide:

...these two on their way to another activity....
 ....these two dancing machines....

 And then I caught Andy needing a treat.
 He ran into Mrs. Warren-- the greatest woman EVER... he adores her-- actually, we all love her!

Cal found me for some dinner....

And then into the gym for more games and activities.  

 We left the club and stopped by the club briefly and then headed home.  Some of our neighbors were out of town and they just got back in- we felt we HAD to go visit them and next thing we knew, all the kids were on the roof of the car- hahaha
 The car was parked, obviously.... How great are these pictures?? They crack me up-- talk about making memories!

Saturday morning was the start to a marathon day:

baseball game from 9-10:30.....
 Andy soccer game from 11-12

 Cal soccer game from 12-1
 By 1:00 I was hot and tired and craving some AC!

But, my children do not get tired or hot and they wanted to keep on going.  So around 4:30, we headed to the golf course so the boys could play 9 holes (which they were wanting to keep on playing....)

Ed drove the cart and I walked-- it was a gorgeous night!

 The kiddos are hooked on golf now and ask daily when they can play again.  It makes me happy they like it so much!

 Obsessed with this picture:

Continuing our outdoor theme for the weekend, Andy had a soccer game Sunday afternoon, followed by flag football-- we had several players out of town or sick, so Andy had to step in for  them and play.... he loved it. 

 I ended Sunday night with dinner (outside) with some of the best friends a girl could ever dream of. 

 And I loved on this pup when I got home!

The weekend was finished off with some skateboarding.  Because, you know: outside.  

Time to gear up for another weekend filled with activities!