Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend update: part one

The original title for this post was "the longest weekend update ever in all history" and then it dawned on me that ain't no body got time to read a big ol' long post.  So we are breaking this one up into pieces.

Friday morning we woke up with a SEVEN year old in our house! Whaaa??? Amazing how that happens...
Andy and I woke him up by singing Happy Birthday while Eddie went to pick up breakfast for the big morning (this early to school stuff is HARD...have I mentioned that??!!). 

Of course I decorated the kitchen for him-- this was the first birthday we have celebrated in the new house so it was fun to figure out decorating here. 

He was ready to open presents the second his feet hit the floor! He quickly got dressed and flew downstairs to tear into the gifts. 

 And then he got a cinnamon bagel-- and we put a candle in it so he could make a wish before school. 

He went to school and Eddie's parents flew in.  We took cupcakes to his class for afternoon snack (I didn't get any pictures, whoops!) and he was so excited.  We checked the boys out right after- only a few minutes before regular dismissal- and headed home to play play play. 

When we asked Cal what he wanted to do for his birthday dinner, he requested Kanki and he asked that Brad could come along too! SO fun! Ms. Sally agreed to let us take him to dinner and we had the best time!

Our chef was hilarious and the whole table was cracking up. 

 You know Andy loves this place-- remember last time we were here?

This time he was a little less....shocked. 

 These next pictures I just love love love-- look at how much fun he's having!

Aren't they great?!?!

We headed back to our house after dinner and Cal opened up more gifts-- Tricia and Tommy gave him wide receiver gloves and he loooooves them!

 Saturday morning was HUGE for the Williamson crew.  It started at 9am with a baseball game for Andy! It was his first game and he was SUPER excited for it!

 He had several great hits and a scored some runs too-- and he had FUN!
 Cal and I left there early to make it to his soccer game, which started at 9:30. 

He dumped water on his head-- this is not all sweat, thankfully- haha

 Andy and Jane had a moment together-- so sweet. 

I took cupcakes to the game for Cal's team mates to celebrate his birthday. Cal's party was on Sunday- and we had a limited number of spots for people we could invite-- Cal really wanted to invite entire soccer team, but that just wasn't possible, so we celebrated with them after the big game.  I love watching this team play soccer-- but it was very obvious Cal was TIRED from being up way too late the night before.  All the excitement and family in town- he didn't not sleep enough!
 Cal's soccer game went from 9:30-10:30 and then we had Andy's soccer game at 11. 
A quick stop at a gas station to pee and change Andy's clothes and we were on another field at another game!

This game went from 11-12 and he played HARD.  He really pushed himself during this game and we were excited when he scored-- he was too...pretty sure he ran with airplane arms around the field- hahaha And also- those socks.... I mean.... gotta love them, right?

We left Andy's game and made a quick stop at Jersey Mikes (local peeps- have you been to the one in falconbridge yet??? if not, WHY NOT??) for a lunch to go and then we got to Cal's baseball game (and yet another field) which started at 12:45.

Cal got hits both times he was up to bat-- and one time he hit the ball directly to the 1st baseman and Cal ran and slid into the base and was safe! The whole park was screaming like crazy-- mainly because they know I am a nervous wreck when he's at bat and they were just as thrilled as I was that he made it! haha
 After four games from 9-3, we were worn out and hot and sweaty! We all headed home to find some AC.... well, the boys didn't-- they took off and played with friends for hours. 

I started party prepping-

And Cal put together the gift CB got him-- it's called D man and its like a defender for him to shoot basketballs around and try to get around when throwing a ball, etc-- he was excited about it!

Andy and Tommy had a little bonding time....

Bruce needed some attention too......

And then it was time for bed-- we were all BEAT! I couldn't get in bed fast enough!

Phew! Sunday was the party day-- another post is coming on that.