Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life lately

We have had a GREAT week! Both boys are in camp and I am getting some wonderful time to myself to get stuff done without "helpers."

Here's a look at life lately, starting from last week... y'all were so kind with your comments from my post about Champs-- guess those videos got you excited as well- hahahahaha

I went in to kiss the boys goodnight and found Andy with one foot on the ground, ready to run.  hahaha

 And then I walked into Cal's room and he had pulled off his pillow case and was sleeping without a case.  In the morning I asked him about it and he said he just loved the way the pillow felt... whtever floats your boat, buddy!

They were slow moving one morning and I caught them curled up on the couch together.  Love how close they are.  (but also, it must be noted, they fight like it is their JOB)
 Bruce got up on the couch with me to watch Big Brother the other is not allowed.  Don't tell Eddie.  Shhhhhhh.....

 Have I mentioned how much I love this neighborhood? There are kids everywhere, all playing together.  And it is SO much fun! This was our side yard the other day-- a full baseball game going on.  It makes me so happy to see all these kids playing together! And outside!!!
 The Sunday after Champs, we had the swim team banquet. 
These two cuties were excited to earn their trophies and collect their ribbons from the big meet. 
 The 6 and under boys were all called up in front-- don't they just look like trouble??
 And here is Mr. Cal with his trophy and his ribbons-- think he was excited??
 Andy didn't get the concept of holding ribbons in front of his trophy....
 We love Mr. Keith! He works at the club and is one of our favorite people ever. 

 With my little swimmers!
The grandparents wanted a picture of Cal's collection-- not too bad for my buddy!

Sweet Hank gets so much love.  These boys adore their pups...and I do too!!!!
 I was getting dressed Monday morning and Cal climbed in my lap in the closet.  I love this kid and the fact that he barely fits in my lap anymore makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.  He's getting so big!

Monday morning, he was off to UNC baseball camp! It is ALL day and it is sooooo stinking hot outside.  It isn't bothering him in the least bit though! Big smiles at drop off...
 Pretty cool to be able to play on UNC's field. 

 Andy is also in a camp this week and he's having a great time too! He gets out at 1, so a few days, I picked him up and we hit the pool until it was time to get Cal. 
 He asked for a picture of his back.  I love a kid with a visor on. 
 When we got to pickup, I looked at the field and saw Cal and Brad walking off the field together-- how sweet is this?? Best buddies walking off talking together. 
 Cal showed me his wound from the day-- because, really, can a Williamson child go a week without an injury?? He slide into a base and tore up his hip.  He was totally fine and didn't care at all.  But I saw the blood seeping through and I was a little worried...but he was still happy as can be!
 See? All smiles!!!!

On Monday night, we celebrated Tricia's birthday with a yummy dinner.  I love this picture! Andy totally photobombed them. 

 On Tuesday, Cal learned to wear some pants to baseball camp-- much better for sliding! (and someone told him to pop his toe like this when he bats...? apparently it encourages him to step and swing....who knows....I think it's hilarious)

 And then there's this hot mess....sweaty, stinky and happy!

That's a look at life lately! Fun and sweaty!

A flashback for Andy

I did a flash back post for Cal a few weeks ago, so now it's Andy's turn! Oh my WORD, these pictures MELT.MY.HEART! I can't even take it.  I have a billion favorite pictures of each boy, so selecting some for these posts was not an easy task.  As much as I love having my 5 and 6 year old, I sooooo miss the younger phases. 

Andy and his curls..... gah!