Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Update: Life is goooood

Last weekend, I was at the end of my rope and over it all.  This weekend was a complete 100% turn around from that.  It was great! The kids were well behaved (for the most part), Eddie and I had a date night, we had a family dance party, the tarheels pulled off a HUGE victory, and it was beautiful outside!

Bruce is obsessed with riding in the car-- completely obsessed.  He runs to the door and as soon as it's open, he sprints to the car and sits next to the car door, waiting to be let in.  When you call him back in the house, he is so heart broken that it's easier just to let him ride in the car! Plus, it's not too hot out right now, so now is the perfect time for it!

Not to mention, I am pretty sure he's smiling at me....
 Friday night, we went to the club for dinner.  The kids went to kids club and Eddie and I had a date! It was SO nice! And so needed! We let the boys come join us for dessert-- Andy got a shirly temple and asked for extra cherries... Mr. Keith hooked him up! He was excited....

Saturday morning, Bruce was my wake up call.  I could have stayed in bed a lot longer....
 But these cuties had baseball! They are on the same team this season, which will make my life loads easier (last year we had about 4 practices a week and then games....and also was hard).  We assumed Andy would play up a level....but instead they moved Cal down (two full levels, we found out....).  It isn't ideal, but we are going to roll with it and have so much fun! We are counting on Cal to be a leader and set a good example. 

 Eddie took the boys to baseball and I had two hours to myself.....all the jazz hands in the world.  I looked at my room and saw Bruce staring at me.  Ever feel like you are being watched??? He's not allowed on the bed, btw............. don't tell eddie.........

 When the boys returned from baseball, they were filthy so they took off the baseball pants--- two things:
-please look at Cal's little/big knees! hahahahahah
-his sliders are on backwards.  clearly he didn't wear his cup to practice...!

 After a quick lunch, it was time for basketball! We had to divide and conquer for this.  Eddie took Andy to his game, and I took Cal to his! It was the last game of the season-- can't say I will miss it....!
 Andy's team still has a few more games left-- but they took a team picture with their cute coaches after this game.  Love this crew.  They had a lot of fun playing this season!!!
 After basketball, Cal went to a birthday party and I ran a few errands..... then I came home to this:
 If you follow me on instagram, you might have witnessed my WAY OVER POSTING Saturday night.  Omg, why did no one take my phone away from me!?!?! I finished a bottle of wine by myself and had SO MUCH FUN with my family! hahahahahWe had a dance party in the kitchen-- Everyone was singing and goofing around.  It was so great. 
 Eddie grilled out and the boys were being fun-- Andy is now obsessed with peaches....who knew?
 And then it was time for the BIG GAME.  We let the boys stay up to watch-- it's a right of passage in Chapel Hill, I feel.  Andy went to bed at the half.
 Bruce isn't allowed on that couch..........don't tell Eddie........

CalBoy stayed up until the end with me! (eddie was sound asleep at the half- haha)

Sunday morning came early--
But these sweet friends came over and wanted to exchange football cards.  How fun is that?? They are super into it now and they discuss everyone....

And then we went to church! These two were so well behaved in big church with us.  I was a proud momma sitting with these handsome loves.  

After church, we ate a quick lunch and then headed to the fields for flag football! It was a gorgeous gorgeous day. 

They handed out trophies as a season closer.  
 The Shiny Rhinos!

And then it was Cal's turn!
 ...and then the awards....

Eddie was the coach and he called up each kid and said something about them--- I was really impressed with him.  He clearly thought about it a lot, which I thought was touching.  For Cal he said "I don't think there is a kid who loves football more than this next kid...." And it really is so true.  He just LOVES playing! We signed him up for the spring to play again-- he loves it that much.  

 After the game, some of the kids from the team headed to Tomato Jakes for pizza and fun.  The boys all sat as close as possible to each other the whole time. 

To say they were wild after dinner would be the understatement of the century.  I am pretty sure they got into the mellow yellow at the drink station...... holy gracious, they were WILD.  

So the neighborhood boys  all ended up in our side yard to continue playing and burning off energy.  It got dark out and they came in for a little hide and seek action-- Cal found a good spot....
 and then Henry got in after him-

The boys all went home with their dads and the moms stayed up drinking....and drinking....and drinking....
 yes, those are four bottles of wine.....oh my. 

We stayed up WAY too late talking and laughing.  Monday morning HURT. 

That's a busy weekend, if you ask me! This is a crazy time when all of the sports are overlapping a little.  We have basketball, soccer, football and baseball-- all happening right now for both kids.  It's a lot! Basketball is almost over and football is over for almost a month.... PHEW!