Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Weekend Update: TRIATHLON!

Happy Monday! (HA! I planned on this going live Monday morning...but life got in the way and I have been SO SO tired! So, I am just now getting around to finishing it....so, Happy Whatever Day it is!)
 We had very little plans this weekend and it was pretty fantastic! We did have soccer games on Saturday and a carnival at Cal's school Friday night, but other than that and the triathlon for Cal on Sunday morning, we had few other plans.

Friday evening, we headed to the school carnival- this was a much anticipated and MUCH talked about event! If only they served alcohol there....

One event was the silly string war--- Cal was ready to go:

And so was Andy...
They got in the pit and went to town. 
There were bounce houses and all kinds of activities for the kids to do.  Cal had a blast with all his school buddies-

Saturday morning came along and I scooted out for a quick popup workout.  I spied these two as I ran out. 

I left the class at 9:45 to make it to Andy's 10:00 game.  Sweet Tricia came to watch him play.  I remember watching Cal play last year and realizing that it was starting to "click" for him (I have written about this before), and Saturday's game is when I really saw it starting to click for Andy.  He was dribbling really well and shooting (often....).  We need to work on him passing and not taking the ball from his own team.....but he is really loving soccer right now and I love that he loves it!

Cal had a game after that and it was starting to rain and was pretty chilly so I didn't take any pictures there.  After picking up the triathlon race packet, we headed out on some errands.  We stopped at a cheese steak place for lunch... it was delish.  Not on the diet, but really good.  I got to sit across from this cutie:
and next to this mess:

The boys were in desperate need of new cleats.  They both could barely fit their feet in their current ones.  So we went cleat shopping-- they like the loudest, brightest shoes in the place.  Eddie begged them to get solid black ones-- not happening, Ed.  They are like their momma: the louder the better!

Te rest of Saturday was spent pretty lazy.  I did a bunch of chores around the house and knocked some things off of my to do list. 

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early! I was in the bathroom getting ready and Cal came in wearing his socks only-- carrying his bathing suit.  Once he got his suit on, I had to take a picture. He was ready!

Ready to run! ....and bike....and swim....
We got there and Cal was a little more than a little nervous... it was a BIG event and there were people everywhere.  They had the transition area where you dropped off your bike and all your belongings, but parents were banned from this area.  So we got Cal set up and then had to scoot out. 
I grabbed a quick pic before a volunteer asked me to exit- hahhaa.  Doesn't he look terrified?? He was. 

They had a whole "fun zone" set up with bounce houses and other fun stuff-- this kid was loving it!

Once Cal calmed down a bit, he had a great time... this picture makes me laugh...

Almost time to go! The long course racers went first, then the short course, then Cal did the mini course. 
The mini racers all lined up!

And he's off! He started off swimming one lap (the water was freeeeezing.....),
Then he hustled up to the transition area where a sweet volunteer (who happened to be the mom of two of his friends!) helped him get his shirt on and all his stuff for the next leg:
the bike!
They had to walk their bikes down the hill and then start at the bottom...
at the bottom of the hill, the volunteer checks helmets before letting them go-- Cal's was apparently loose.  She spent forever tightening it up! Guess we should have done a better job of checking this before we went! I swear he was here for 5 minutes (it was really probably only 1 or 2 minutes...) fixing this. 
He biked for a mile-- here he is on the way back. 
At the end of his bike!
He hopped off at the same spot where he got on and ran the bike back up the hill back into the transition area, where he dropped his bike off and started his run!
He ran half a mile and finished strong- coming across the finish line!
By this point, I was screaming like crazy (anyone surprised??).  I was just beyond incredibly proud of this kid.

Sweet Sally got some pictures for me-- I was on the other side of this red finish line (next to the blonde), and I am so glad she did!
love love love this picture!!
He did it!!!! This event was just incredible and we will 100% participate next time it is in town.  It was well-run and just so much fun! Cal was scared at first because, I think, he didn't know what to expect. But after it was all done, he was proud of himself and his accomplishment. 

Brad participated too-- the boys did amazing and their moms were CRAZY proud of them!
 My little triathlete!

 After the race, Andy was busy getting his hand painted-- a tarheel, of course. 

We headed home and I made a trip to the grocery store... we seemed to be out of everything.  When I pulled back in, it was downpouring and these fools were having a big game of something in the garage-- it involved wearing their cleats and kicking a ball as hard as they could.  But they were really happy.  So, whatever.  

Notice Cal still in his bathing suit.  It didn't come off all day.  And the shirt remained off the whole day too.  After they played a full game of whatever they were playing in the garage, they came in and wanted to do a lego set together while it was raining out.  We got to work together and made one half of the creation and then the rain stopped and they were outside in a flash. 
 We had a birthday party to go to on Sunday and the weather Gods cooperated since it was at a park! They had a water balloon fight and they had so much fun. 
 When we got home, we ate dinner and then it was shower time... this one insisted on wearing a necklace in the shower-- in case there was a party.... as if we haven't had enough fun in that tub this week......

 Sunday night, I sat down to plan my class for Monday morning and to create a new playlist.  I was supposed to have a book club three way call with my two girlfriends, but by this point, I was fried.  I had zero energy left and absolutely no brainpower.  I had to cancel on them and I am grateful for true friends who GET it!
I didn't know why I was so tired Sunday night, but after completing this post, I kinda understand why... we were busy!!!

The fact that I am not publishing this post until Tuesday evening tells you something... I'll be better, I promise!