Wednesday, December 7, 2016

OMG a huge, huge life lately post

Well hellooooooo there! I have been beyond MIA lately.  So sorry.  We went to the beach for Thanksgiving-- hope to have that post up soon, and when we got back, I was in full blown Christmas decorating mode and then I wanted to take advantage of all the cyber deals for presents (still haven't ordered much....) and every time I would sit at the computer, it would be to do something else, and then someone would have to use it for homework or whatever, so I had to move and the blog got put off. 

It feels good to be back! This post will be overly long, so feel free to skim.  This is one of those thats good for me to look back on. 

Here's a look at life lately around here!

Some big news--
The Monday after Thanksgiving, Cal's class had a spelling bee- the top three winners in the class bee go on to the GRADE level bee.  Somehow, by the grace of God, Cal made it into the top three.  Seeing as I totally forgot about the bee until the night before at 5:30, this was impressive! The list we got for the grade level bee is also impressive... and I am unable to pronounce about 75% of the words on the list.  I am not real hopeful he will make it out of the grade level bee, but I sure am excited for him!

We got home from the beach on Sunday and went to get our Christmas tree.  The boys and I were counting cars with trees on the top the whole way home from the beach.  Seeing a car with a tree tied to its top is one of my most favorite things.  Seems so weird, I know-- but I would like that as one of my "favorite things" in life.  I am weird. 

We had to go to two farms to find a good one, but we were all happy when we finally found the one! Andy was too busy talking to someone about their tree, so I got a picture of Cal in front of all of the trees while we waited for ours to be cut and bagged.  

The boys both got new sheets for me to put on their beds when we got home.  Andy got Rudolf....

and Cal got the Ginch.  
 I looooooove these flannel sheets! I want them for my bed; soooooo crazy soft. 

Andy is Christmas.  Cal loves it too, don't get me wrong-- but Andy truly is the epitome of Christmas... he is so excited by it all and every day he gets closer and closer to popping with joy from it all.  He walks about in awe of the decorations and he gasps and stares when he sees a new decoration. It has been so great to enjoy this time of year through his eyes.  Cal is really happy and loves the decorations too-- but Andy takes the excitement to a whole new level.  He helped me decorate the tree-- the other males in this house didn't care much about it.  Andy and I listened to Christmas music as we hung up lights (and ornaments later on in the week).

I had a dinner at a friend's house last week-- we rocked our popper crowns, happily! Have I mentioned how much I love my sweet friends?!?!

Last Wednesday, I attended a field trip with Andy to Marbles museum in Raleigh.  He was excited I tagged along.  We had a group of three boys that I was in charge of keeping track of- not an easy task!

This cutie was not in my group, but we were suuuuper excited to get to see him there!

No surprise Andy found the sporting section to be the best part....

We had lunch there- Andy was grinning ear to ear the whole time.  
 Back to play for a hew more hours!

And over to another football display.... working that tongue.
 By the end of the day, I was flat WORN out.  And really glad I wore my sneakers to chase after these boys! But no matter how tired I was, it was worth it to get to spend this time with Andy.  He is so hard at home.  I mean SO.HARD.  He screams and cries and throws stuff and tests my patience daily/hourly.  But watching him with his school friends-- y'all, he is SO good at school.  I mean, SO good.  He is kind and well mannered and extremely well-behaved.  And, honestly, it was nice for me to have a little reminder that he isn't a total a-hole.  (sorry mom).  He saves all his bad behavior for me, but that's how I prefer it-- be good at school, Nug.  Take it out on me.  I will take it...or at least I will try.  Promise. 

This is how I felt when I came home.....
 Let's see, what else....

Our elf, Manning, came back the day after Thanksgiving and I thought both boys were going to pop from excitement.  Andy likes to talk to him every day-- just fill him in on a few little mishaps......

When it came to putting ornaments on the tree, I had a helper ready and teetering... (note: tree has been tired down this year.... no need to have a repeat of last year....).

And, Mr. Andy found a puzzle he insisted on putting together.  He worked so hard on this (and it worked my nerves like you wouldn't believe-- he would scream and tantrum when an edge piece wouldn't fit in the middle of the puzzle.... dear gracious, give me strength....).
 He got really into it and I turned around to see him getting a better angle. 

He had pj day last week and I got him a new pair of Rudolf jammies-- he about lost his mind when he saw them.  I mean freaking out and jumping up and down and clapping and cheering.  Talk about making my morning! 
 They came with a nose (which, now that I am typing this, I realize we have not seen the nose since this picture was taken....hmmmmm....)

Friday night we went over to a friend's house for some fun and food.  We stayed WAY too late, but everyone was so happy and having fun so we just rolled with it.  Andy was exhausted so I gave him my phone-- on the camera roll, I had about 80 pictures of their elf, and then this selfie at the end.  How stinking hilarious is that?!

Saturday, this cutie had his first basketball game!!! WOOHOO! His team is the Rockets and then they got their jerseys and they are red, so they are the red rockets..... omg, I was cracking up! 
 This new league is much (MUCH) more intense than the last basketball league-- fouls and double dribbles and travels very is a great way to learn the game. 
 All smiles after the big win!

After the game, I went and took Tricia and Tommy's Christmas card-- how cute are they?!?! I was super excited about this.  Their dog smiles when the camera comes out-- isn't that hilarious?? 

Saturday night, we had a low key family dinner and then Eddie had some guys from the neighborhood over-- so I went over to another house with some of the ladies! It was a late night (for me....I am old!) but we had a great time-- lots and lots and lots of laughs.  This picture was from the attic....

I was sitting at the house hanging out when I realized it was 12:30 and usually that's around the time Andy wakes up (yes, he is back to not ever sleeping....sigh).  Eddie and the guys were out back around the campfire, so I knew he wouldn't hear him.  I ran home and walked in right as Andy came down the stairs crying.  I sent the girls this picture-- fun over!

 Sunday, my mom and I took the boys to see the Grinch!!! We had the best time!!! Grandma was suckered into buying Max animals for the boys and they love love love them!
 Rudolf had to attend too.... of course he did. 
 Cal was so into the show! He was laughing out loud and grabbing my arm-- it was so fun to watch it with him. 

 Our crew before the show started-- happy boys, and moms!
 Andy and Cal and two Maxes and Rudolf!
You might notice Rudolf no longer has a nose-- a sweet white dog I know got ahold of him.... well, Manning was kind enough to sew on a new nose for him...

And finally-- my parents requested a grandchild picture for the Christmas card this year so we all went over there Monday night for a quick picture... probably should have made mine change clothes.... oh well. 

There was another picture that my mom posted on fb and Andy was making a face in it.  Tommy sent me this:

 I was dying laughing....

So that's a quick catch up! Geeeeez, that was a long one!!!! My apologies!