Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Life Lately

Weeeeehoooooo, happy Hump Day!

I am spending the day volunteering in the boys' schools.  First in Andy's at the African Market and then at Cal's, helping some kids with technology (yikes...).  Not a really fun "day off" but it will be good for me!

Here's a look at life lately...

My life has been all consumed by listening to After You. I read Me Before You and loved it- and took a little break and decided to listen to the next one.     It was wonderful! I think I am going to read more by this author.  I loved tuning out and falling into this book. I found myself wanting to listen constantly- driving down the road, brushing my teeth, walking the dogs, etc...

Other than that....

We've got Mexico right around the corner so we needed to assess the swim suit situation...some things were a tad bit tight... 

After school on Monday, Andy had a play date with his buddy Brady.  He was SO excited to get to go over to his house to play.  
 Brady's sweet mom sent me some pictures of the boys playing--and climbing on top of things. 
While he was there, I ran to the mall...and it was glorious! I had a gift card I needed to spend and I had a return to make. 

I ended up getting this dress-- thought it was fun and would be cute with a tan :)
 Ignore my face.  I can't take pictures of myself.

Monday night Cal had soccer.  These stinky boys came home and went straight to the shower-- love their little smirks as they got out.  They were up to NO good.

I made Patty's lasagna Monday night-- and it was a huge hit! I took a pic of the recipe in case you need an easy lasagna night. 

While the food was cooking (I made it all before soccer and then cooked it when we came home), Cal hung out in his robe and took a load off.  

Tuesday was a SPECIAL day! It was Hank's 11th birthday! We love this sweet boy so so much and we are lucky to get to love on him every day.  

Clearly, Andy loves loving on him... this is a common occurrence in this house:  

I walked in to find Andy like this- thought it might last through the night...but before I knew it, he was on the floor with Hank.  Of course he was. 

Tuesday the weather was ah-mazing.  We played out in the driveway and had races on scooters (me and Andy...)

Then Cal challenged me and Andy to a basketball game.  Bring it on.  

I don't think Cal thought I came to play.  I shut him down. hahaha Eddie walked up half way through and said "uh, Care, you can go easy on him..." No, no I can't.  He has been a punk lately and it felt good to slam it in his face a time or two.  (I sound like the meanest mom ever....hahahaha)

We got a little cupcake for our sweet boy's birthday....
 He was super happy and excited-- he kept looking up at me like "did you mean to give this to me??"
 The birthday boy happily eating away at his cupcake!

I did Popup Tuesday night and I swear, I thought I was going to puke, numerous times.  It kicked my rear... and was just what I needed.  I was already sore from Monday-- guess I am a glutton for punishment. 

 There's a quick look at life lately-- nothing too exciting going on here! Eddie is getting ready to go out of town so me and the boys will be making it happen!