Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life Lately

We are just trucking along here...Eddie has been traveling for work, so me and the bozos are getting it done!

 Daylight Savings is SO not fun, especially when you have kids....holy cow.  But it does mean some added after dinner driveway basketball time.  Hard to be mad at that. 

And they are playing hard, so they are going to bed pretty easily, thank goodness.  Bruce too-- he tried to sneak under Andy's bed...I think he thought I couldn't see him.  Crazy eyes in the flash...

We've had some mega storms here lately.  Monday night, Bruce wanted to watch the lightning...I guess.  He loves to stand in the window looking out.  

The Bachelor season finale was on (ohhhh it was a good one!) and because of said storm, our TV went out.  I was about to cut someone when my sweet friend, Jackie facetimed me so I could watch it! True friendship :) 
 Thankfully, it came back on quickly and I didn't have to cut anyone.  Instead, Andrea and Jackie and I sent no less than 984 texts to each other throughout the show.  Can't wait for next season and our Monday night dates!

I go to the library about every 2 weeks.  I usually check out 20ish books and we read two a night and then I return them.  I have always been really good about returning them...but this time, I got the notice they were due, and I had something that day and couldn't get there,  I went the following day and tried to check out a bunch more books and got the notice I had been "banned" from checking out.  I went to the desk and had a $30 fine...whoops! She offered to "get it down to $25...but there would be an additional $2 fee for using a credit card." Lesson learned.  These clowns best enjoy those books!

I had to return one more book (I feel like I have been in this parking lot a LOT this week!) and Andy came with me-- we made a quick pit stop and I did a double take.  Why does he look so old? I kept looking at him at school thinking how big he's getting...and he just seems so old.  I am in the process of registering him for kindergarten and I kind of can't believe it....!

We also went to VOTE on Tuesday! There was a line, but it was worth it to wait in that line.  I have said it before and I will say it again: I don't like to talk politics on here, but I am so damn scared of Trump being our next president.  I am super into this election- I even found myself watch Meet the Press this weekend (WHAT?!?!) and getting so heated when I see how Trump treats people at his rallies.  It is terrifying.  And I can't complain if I don't vote, so you know what I did?? I voted! Andy was a great helper and earned that sticker!

We have started taking the dogs on walks every single afternoon.  I will try and do it without Andy, before I pick him up from school, but if I don't have a chance to, he hops in the trusty stroller (that I was ready to retire eons ago!) and has a little snack...

 I put in my headphones and rock out to pandora "thong song" station,

and have a dog on each side of me....
and we hoof it through the hood.  Everyone is much happier with this walk.  At first, I dreaded it-- walking both dogs is not easy.  At all.  They are big and they pull.  Walking them with a stroller is an added challenge...but I have come to really enjoy these walks! I swear, it's all the music....!

I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole this week.... I thought it was good, and Eddie ate it without much complaint and commented it "wasn't bad...". Boys didn't love it, but they
ate it, so there. 

 Soccer was canceled on Monday for all of the rain we got-- those fields must have been soaked.  I am about to take the boys to the mall for some shoe shopping... they need new flip flops! Rack Room, here we come!