Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween from my BABE RUTH and RUDOLF! 

 I have so so much to catch up on, once again! Our internet (and cable!) were out last week, so it slowed up all progress of getting much done. 

So, we start with Halloween night! Having it on a Monday was HARD.  Plus, the boys didn't have school on Monday....but they did on Tuesday....even HARDER!

Last year, you might remember, Andy was Santa for Halloween. Sticking with tradition, he picked his costume super early and stuck with it. 

 His little nose lit up and flashed and it was about the cutest thing ever to see a flashing red light run from house to house in the dark. 
 Cal could NOT decide what to be for Halloween.  He wanted to be a ghost for a while, but could never settle on a costume.  He got this Yankees shirt for his birthday so I suggested Babe Ruth (we already had all the baseball gear!) and he was all about it. 

We went to a pre-trick-or-treat party at a friend's house in the neighborhood. Sweet Tricia stopped by to bring the boys some BIG bags of candy!

Someone there had a skateboard and Andy would not get off of it.  Rudolf was skating back and forth-- pretty scary to see him all dressed up on that thing.  But it was pretty funny--

 Here are some of the kids at the pre-party.  Can you spot mine??

And, the parents!!!

Cal with his buddy Henry, ready to GO!

Then the neighborhood does a parade-- this was pure chaos! So many kiddos!!! We tried to get a picture of the group, but it was like they knew they were thiiiiis close to getting candy and they were restless! I can't find Cal in this picture....

They were off!!!! This picture makes me so so happy-- look at how happy he is!!!!! Pure joy, I tell ya! 

Andy stuck close to me and Eddie-- Cal was looooong gone.  He traveled with a pack of boys throughout the neighborhood.  Andy was content to go at his own pace and eat candy along the way!

I fell terrible that we have no pictures of Cal! But Rudolf was all about smiling for us!

My parents were sweet enough to offer to stay at my house and hand out candy-- pretty sure they had fun too!!!

Here is Cal! We finally found him-- he ended up at our house with some buddies and they sat on the front porch eating candy and talking about their night.  It was awesome.  

This is one of my favorite pictures of the night-- a big bowl with a sign that says "take one." How is a kid to decide?!

Cheese ball warning: it was one of those nights where I will always remember watching that red nose and feel such happiness.   Cal had a great time running with his friends and that makes my momma heart happy too.  Just a fun night all around!!!