Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mock Swim Meet

First and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMAZING MOTHER!!!! Love you, momma!

Last week, we had our first swim meet of the season- the mock swim meet! The weather was perfectly hot for a meet and the boys both did great! Andy didn't freak out at all- woohoo!

Think they are related?? Look at how they stand! ha! Doing the pre-meet cheers:

CalBoy and Brad have been doing swim together for 3 years- old pros by now. 

 The boys had a good little cheering section for the swim meet- love this picture of these boys!

Ready to roll! 

There goes Cal.....swim, buddy, swim!

I was too busy screaming like a crazy person for Andy-- but he did GREAT. The coaches were all shocked because he freaks out at every practice (he's getting better....), but I think they were fully prepared for him to get half way and freak out.  He is all smiles after swimming with his buddy Lee!

Cal was in a relay with these boys and they were heat winners! Proud of them for swimming so hard!

The first practice meet is in the books and we have a REAL meet this weekend-- the boys better eat their wheaties...! hahahaha Swim Meets = SUMMER TIME!