Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Update!

This weekend was WAY more low key than weekends in the past, and I kind of loved every minute of it! We went into the weekend with basically no plans, and it was great!

Friday morning started EARLY for me.  I had to be at the boys' school by 7 to set up a teacher appreciation room... I was happy to do it though- these teachers work hard and deserve some yummy treats! This was part of the spread when we were done setting up.  The parents brought SO much food! We are lucky to have such great parents at our school. 

I left straight from there and headed to a conference for all Durham and Orange County preschool teachers.   While it was a long, and at times, boring conference...I did enjoy spending some time with my fellow teachers.  I actually really like them and we had a lot of laughs.  This was one of the slides-- talking about self care so that we are able to give more of ourselves in a more efficient manner.  I got the breathing and exercise part down.  Someone make me stop eating so much and I would love some assistance in the sleep department!
 I left the conference at 12:30 and returned to the teacher appreciation goodies to restock and replenish anything needing attention.  We were going to start cleaning it all up at 1:30, so I ended up staying and cleaning until school got out at 2:15!

Eddie told the boys he would take them to the fair for some monster truck racing/demolition derby/nasty food eating fun.  They left around 4 and I was alllllll alone.  I sat down to do some work on the computer and then realized, DUH, get out of here while you can! So I grabbed my book and went to get my toes done....!

It was lovely- sitting in there with a glass of wine, a new book just checked out from the library and someone rubbing on my feet.  Not hating it.

While I was there, Eddie texted me a few pics.... this cutie and his dad went with Eddie and the boys and they all had a great time!
 I believe Andy is eating a bacon wrapped corn dog in the above pic.  Cal is eating something similar to that.  Apparently the theme this year was a whooooole lotta bacon. 

After getting my toes done. I picked up dinner and then came home and curled up on the couch with a big mug of hot tea and the book- y'all: I never do this.  Like ever.  I didn't turn on the TV, I put my phone down, and I just enjoyed the quiet.  And it was sooooo nice.  I dozed on and off and realized how comfy our new couches really are!

I am not sad I missed this:

 I would have liked to have seen this:
 But I was pretty content to be relaxing in the quiet of my house!!!

Saturday morning was a BEAR! The boys were home by 10, so that wasn't too late, but getting up and moving in the morning wasn't easy for anyone.  Eddie left at 6 to go out of town.  We had baseball at 9 and I had to drop Cal off first.  This is what Cal thought about it all:

 By 9, Cal was dropped, everyone had eaten and Andy was smiling- ready to go play!

He had a ton of fun this game-- and really enjoyed sliding into home a few times.  They have two more games and then his season is over! He really likes to bat and is begging to do machine pitch in the spring.  

My happy little baseballer!
 We left Andy's game and headed straight to Cal's (which started at 10 at a different location).  I got a text on the way that Cal got a big hit and scored-- woot! We got there and he gave me a big ol smile.... sweet kid. 
 This was his team's last game, so we had to take a team picture afterward.  First of all- cute kids, right? Secondly-- check out the blue sky! I didn't edit this picture at all.  Love it.  I love fall in NC! It really felt like fall this weekend. 
 I made Cal take an individual picture after the game-- just because I am that kind of mom #whatever.  I will be glad to have it later!!!
 It's been really fun to watch him learn this new sport-- and grow over the season.  He had some amazing coaches, so I know that really helped!

After the game, Cal had a buddy come home with him-- his sister had a double header softball game and he did NOT want to sit through all of that, so he came home with us instead! They played football in the side yard....
 ...until we remembered we got the yard seeded and we are supposed to stay off of it... so they moved to the street....
 Little guy was feeling a little left out, so he came in and we did some Legos together.... the tongue out is pure concentration!

They all went to the park later on-- hard to see from the HUGE sun shining!

And then it was time for dinner (both boys ate TWO pb&js!!) a big, long shower-- they were so crazy dirty, and then bed time.  Andy fell asleep with his water bottle on his face.  Bless him.  

I took a bath and then got cozy on the couch with my book and some football games.  I woke up to snoring and looked over to see Bruce sound asleep on the couch....where he isn't allowed to be! HA!
 Soon after I went to bed, I was joined by a certain 5 year old....

Sunday morning was GORGEOUS! I had some chores to tackle around the house-- Hank found a sunny spot and curled up for a little snooze.  He loves the sun spots!
 I spent some time working on the computer while my roomba ran upstairs (!!!) and literally cleaned every room (ahhhhhhh!) and the washer and dryer were both going-- that sound just makes me happy! The boys played in the neighborhood with some buddies.  They have this little pack that plays SO well together.  Andy is a bit young for them, but they are, for the most part, nice to him.  This is about half of the group:

He got his feelings a little hurt at one point and lost his temper (shocking), so he came home and we did his new favorite thing: legos...! It's funny- Cal doesn't love legos-- he can't sit still long enough to do them correctly (he half places the blocks there they go, but doesn't press them in, etc...). Andy sits and concentrates and WORKS his tongue (see below) and is actually really good at following the directions!

 Tongue action in full effect!

 My effort on the space ship he built was minimal and boy was he proud of it! I was thrilled to see how proud he was of his work.  And he's learning that if it falls to the ground and shatters in a million pieces (!!!!), it's okay, because if we built it once, we can build it again! (this was repeated numerous times....)

At 3:30, Cal had a makeup soccer game.  It was a beautiful day for soccer! Cal was excited to see his team mates, especially after missing the Saturday game for baseball. 

We left soccer and ran quickly by the house before heading to church for choir practice! Look at the steeple of our church against the beautiful sky.... kinda gorgeous, right? 
Both kids were iffy about going to choir-- especially since Cal was missing a friend's birthday party at THE Chuck E Cheese to go (to clarify, he was going to be gone late, so he was only missing a small part of the party....), BUT, they had the best time! My friend was the sit in parent and she sent me this picture- hahaha.  The boys all came out laughing up a storm and happy as can be! We will see how they do when they have to sing in front of the church!

That was our lovely weekend! This week coming up is going to be a BIGGIN: Halloween parties in both boys' classes (I am in charge of Cal's party!), Halloween in the Mouse class, a big Halloween party Friday night- stay tuned for costumes....!, basketball tryouts for Cal, Cal and Eddie's first Y guides meeting, and CB coming to town! Throw in some soccer practice, baseball practice for Andy and two baseball games, and you've got yourself a beast of a week!