Thursday, April 28, 2016

Andy's ER visit

To pick up where I left off...

Monday was a typical day, filled with popup, dog walking, school pickups, soccer and dinner at Chick Fil A.

Bath time came and momma was PUMPED. Eddie was out of town and I was looking forward to getting the kids down and reading my book.

Cal was in and out of the shower just fine.  Andy was a different story.  To recap, he slipped in the shower and caught his chin on the edge of the tub. Hard.  I cringe thinking about how hard he hit.

My parents came flying over (thank you soooo much, mom and dad!).  We debated leaving one parent here with Cal, but Andy really wanted grandma AND grandpa AND Cal to all be there.  At this point, I wasn't arguing.  I just wanted to get in the car and go.

Every urgent care in out area closes at 8:00 and wouldn't you know it, this happened at 7:57.  Of course it did.  SO, the emergency room it was.  With every other crazy person in this town.

We sent this picture to Eddie to let him know we were okay:

 And we got to the hospital.  There was a line to even check in to give our name.  Then we had to go through the metal detector.  Then we were in the first waiting room where it was so crowded there weren't seats for all of us.  They called me and Andy back to the first room where they said Monday nights were always beyond crowded-- great night for this to happen!

Long story short, we were told they move peds cases first, and there was a room opening up, so we waited.  Everyone decided to just stay and wait since we were told it wouldn't be long.  It's just a whole lot of waiting!

Andy and I went back to the little room and we finally saw a doctor who determined stitches would be needed.  She got a nurse to get some numbing stuff for the chin and some oxy for mom-- I mean Andy.  Just to make him extra chill.

Finally at 10:45, she came back and had Andy lay back and she wrapped him up like a burrito and she stitched him up! 4 stitches and some glue on top.

All drugged up:
 Meanwhile, these two were having no fun in the waiting room....

 I was rubbing his leg to get him nice and relaxed....

And, when it was all done, he got a Popsicle!  Totally made it worth it! He cried during the stitches a little bit-- but not bad at all-- I was thinking some serious screaming would occur, but he was so brave!

We were sent home and my sweet parents took us and I carried in the boys and put them straight to bed- everyone was asleep immediately!

 Andy slept in my bed Monday night- I wanted to keep him close to me! And by the time I got back upstairs from letting the dogs out, he was out cold, snoring.  Sweet kid.  That had to have been scary for him!
Had to document the whole first trip to the ER-- I know with these two, it will not be my last trip there.  I didn't enjoy it one bit.  It was eye-opening for sure....and it totally made me appreciate my healthy kids.  Hoping to not make another trip there for a looooong time......! (knocking on wood...!)