Friday, March 10, 2017

Life Lately! And some favorites

Happy Friday....and ACC tournament time! I used to love this time of year in school-- teachers would wheel in the big ol' TV so we could watch games. You know you live in NC when......hahaha

We have had a pretty great week around here.  The boys school is doing a special Read week, with each day being a different theme.  They love a theme, I swear.

Here's a look, with way too many pictures, of life lately...

Sunday night, I had a few too many (bottles) of wine with some neighbors, so Monday morning had me like:

Dear gracious.  It hurt.  This was at 6am-- after about 4 hours of sleep.

Monday afternoon, sweet CalBoy was helping Andy with his homework-- this made me a proud momma.  They don't always get along nicely ( all!), so when they do, it is a great great thing.  

Andy, for whatever reason, has been sleeping through the night this week.  (please hold while I go knock on all of the wood in this house) I haven't moved his sleeping bag yet (well, I have now-- but I left it out for a few nights in case he needed it), and rolled over to see Bruce snuggled up to it. While we are THRILLED he is staying in his room ALL night long-- I think Bru is missing his snuggle buddy. 
As a reward, I think we have Chuck E Cheese in our future.  And I am hoping he forgets I promised him a sleepover with a friend if he did it for a week........this is my view in the mornings now:

Boys had twin day at school-- no brainer they picked each other to dress alike.  It was easy easy on momma, so that's a win!

Ohhhhhh sweet Hank.  It would have been his 12th birthday on Wednesday.  I cried.  A lot.  I miss this sweet face so much.  My heart aches when I think of him.  Hopefully he caught a squirrel up in doggie heaven and got a whole lot of peanut butter.  Id give anything to smooch that nose one more time. 

I had physical therapy for my back (which is healing GREAT, PTL), and it was scheduled at a time where I had to take the kids with me-- this was on twin day, so we had to take a picture to show they were still matching under their sweatshirts. 

They were discussing basketball plays while sitting on the floor waiting.  These two crack me up.  Thank God they have each other. 

The other night, Andy went to bed and wanted to read his magazine a little bit more.  He turned on the lamp and was cozy as can be in his bed. 
These crack me up-- I told him he would have to turn off his own light when he was done, and sure enough, he did it!

Wednesday was pajama day, and gooooood gracious, were these boys excited!!! They wore their favorite jammies and their favorite robes (these robes are crazy soft-- not sure I would take them off if I had one in my size.)

While they were at school, I did a little shopping! My favorite jeans came out with a black pant version--- but not black jeans, if that makes sense...?

And then my other favorite jeans don't fit well anymore, so I had to get another pair.....

and I thought both of the tops were fun too! I totally spent more than I meant to, but I know I will wear these tops a ton because they are lightweight for spring, and fun with the cut outs.  Or so I justify.....hehe

My parents are keeping my brother's kids this week...and she also has a broken arm (!!!!!), so I offered to help out a little bit.  I love time with this cutie-- she went with me to pick up the boys and it was a favorite for everyone I think! (I was parked in the line when I took this)
She came over to our house and did a little coloring and playing outside. 

We rode the plasma car to the park-- I haven't done that in a while and it was actually really fun!!!

Baseball season has started and HOLY cow.  Last year the wife of Cal's coach entered all of the games and practices into TeamSnap app (which is the greated app ever invented) and then all of the dates were automatically imported into my calendar.  We won't have that this year, so I spent quite a while writing them all down and then entering them into the iCal.  Can I get an amen that we don't have this schedule....TIMES TWO for each boy??? That would be crazy crazy town.  Now to add in soccer and football dates.....

Sound asleep with the light on.....bless his heart. Just stay in that bed, homie.  Stay right there. 

Thursday was "Oh the Places You'll Go!" day at school.  Kids were to wear a college team-- we definitely did that. 

A favorite of mine is this necklace! I wore it Thursday and got a crazy amount of compliments on it! Thank you, EMT!!!

And, when I picked them on Thursday, I told them Carolina won-- they were READY to play....HARD after school!  I adore these basketball uniforms.  Pretty sure we got our money's worth out of them!

Bring on the weekend and GO HEELS!!!!