Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Life Lately: snow days

We are on day THREE of being out of school. The secondary roads are just not melting-- but we are supposed to get higher temps today so I am SURE we will be back tomorrow! Right???? We are running out of fun activities to do over here...

Here is a look at life lately...and so so many pictures.  I haven't done one of these posts in a long time so there are quite a few pics...

I searched everywhere for Bruce the other night-- he wasn't in any of his usual spots... then I found him snoring away with Cal-- how sweet is this? 

The boys came home the other day and ran in to get their football helmets on immediately- never even came inside the house.  I looked out the window- apparently, nature called and he didn't want to stop playing (or have the neighbors see, so he ducked down...ha!)

These two started their own little street football game.  I was loving watching them through the window.  They were loving the game- they had yardage and end zones and everything.  Have I mentioned how much I love having these two so close together and both boys?? Yes they fight like crazy (CRAZY!!!), but they also keep each other entertained constantly.  

 Kickoff-- this picture makes me laugh so hard- the helmet, the "tee", the kick- all of it. 

Before I knew it, their game had grown and we had a whole gaggle of boys playing street ball in the hood! It had raining that day, so the yards were all really wet-- to the street they go!

The other night after dinner, we were sitting and talking and I ended up with two sweet boys on my lap-- guess this time I am thankful for a big lap......?? ha.... 

Is there nothing better than I dog sprawled out like this? Hank never laid like this-- I LOVE it.  

Speaking of- Bru has been coming with me to pick up a lot lately.  And he loves it.  And Mae really really loves it! She calls him to sit on her lap and she hugs him the whole way home.  She has a little dog, so I think she likes she can actually squeeze Bruce.  

 Waiting in the pickup line- big smiles all around! (how big is his head??????)

 Oh! Fresh Market does these "little big meals" where they ahve a recipe card and all of the ingredients are all right there ready for you (veggies cut, meat prepped, etc) and then you can grab it all for $20 and make the most amazing meal! My friends have been talking about it forever and we finally did it last week-- it was SO good! If you have a Fresh Market near you, check it out.  We made the garlic sesame sirloin stir fry.  Holy yum.  Andy and I split the veggies while Cal and Eddie ate SO much. 
 The other night, we were getting ready for showers and I turned to see Andy on his bed doing this.  I sent this picture to my dad and he replied "what kind of a frat house are you running over there?!" and I about died laughing! It really does look like a fat house (minus the cutesy baby stuff)-- a naked guy attempting to hang a dart board- hahahahaha

I read the best book last week- I will write about it later, but I SO enjoyed curling up with a cup of tea and my book every night last week.  My SWEET friend made this mug for me after Hank passed.  
 I know it seems I am harping on Hank, and I am sure I am-- deal with me for a little while longer.  While I am posting the picture of the mug, I have to say-- I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such kind, thoughtful, caring people in my life.  The outpouring of love after Hank was beyond my wildest dreams.  So, thank you.

Back to the program.

Last week, I had a heard of elephants over.  Not really.  But the neighborhood crew was over and they were playing hide and go seek upstairs- how cute are they?? These five play together so well.  Love them!

This picture made me laugh so hard- I woke up to Andy sleeping with Hank- holding his back foot.  Imagine Andy's surprise when he opened his eyes- hahahahahahaha both of them out cold.  

This dog just likes to be near people.  Every time I sit at my desk, he wedges himself underneath it.  He is there right now as I type this.  And I am also wearing the same pants as in the picture.  Oh my heaves they are amazing- Eddie's sister gave them to me and they are my favorite pants ever right now.  I'll try to post about them soon.  

We were watching football the other night and I had one bozo rubbing my feet:
 ...and one bozo playing with my hair. 
 I was in heaven!! ahhhhhhhhhh
 The pants again!

We got this reindeer for Christmas-- and he should have come down with all of the Christmas decor came down....but I think he looks so cute in all the snow we've gotten! I swear, he will be up in the attic by Friday...ish.  Maybe Saturday.   I just think he is so cute! Can't bring myself to put him away just yet. 

Monday we were crawling the walls pretty good, and THANKFULLY, our sweet buddy invited us to go to the Dean Dome to shoot some hoops for a bit and run around.  They had a BALL.  

Lower goals were brought in so they could shoot around.  Kinda cool watching your kiddo play on such a sweet court.  
 I tried to get a picture of the group before we left-- this picture is pretty amazing to me: Andy is holding Jackson's hand..Lee's pose....! Brady with the ball! Think they have seen some players pose before? hahaha

After the basketball, it was time for more snow fun-- I sent those kiddos out for as much running, sledding, playing outside as I could.  

By the end of the day, they were showered and warm and cozy in their robes.  These robes are crazy soft- and both boys wear them a ton.  

Monday night was the National Championship game-- since school was canceled for Tuesday, we let Cal sneak down to watch the first half with us.  But first.... some ice cream.... not sure what he was happiest about: the ice cream, the no school the next day, the football game, the staying up late...... 

And while normally on a Monday night I am all...
 on this night, I was MORE than happy to be cuddled up with my sweet CalBoy.  We snuggled the first half and then he crashed on me at halftime.  And it was sooooooo great. 

He's getting heavy to carry up to bed...but I don't care.  I loved it.

I rolled over Tuesday morning to see these two taking in the sunrise together.  

Andy Tuesday ending with some "snow ball" in the side yard. 

The snow is melting...ish....I have a wine night scheduled tonight (that BEST happen) and it's time for the little people to go learn a lot of knowledge.  I am not equip to be a home schooling parents.  But MORE POWER TO THOSE WHO ARE! I've actually had a lot of fun with the boys-- but there's been very little structure... just survival.  I am ready for some structure....but maybe not the early morning wake up call to get them to school.  Why sooooo early?!?!??!

Hope those who got snow had fun it in!!!