Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Update

We had a BUSY weekend! So busy (and so picture filled), that I am having to split this post into two because it would be WAY too long otherwise.

Friday night, there was the Habitat for Humanity Fashion Show that I got to walk in.  Y'all- it was so much fun.  I loved my dress and had a blast getting my hair and makeup all done up.  This was fun:

...but it was so great having the boys in it too....! They wore clothing from Glee Kids and this was a picture the store posted to their instagram page.... I mean.... so stinking cute. 
 I have 800 pictures from the night that all my sweet friends sent me, so I am going to go through those and edit it wayyyyy down and will do a post on the show tomorrow (if I can get my act together). 

So, Friday night was a big night.  Saturday morning came around and hit me. Hard.  My head wasn't feeling too great.  Eddie left at 5:30 for the beach and I never fell back asleep after he left.  Cal came in and got in my bed with me and was playing with my phone then said "smile!" and took this.  Thisis death warmed over with a head ache. 

But it was a beautiful day, and we don't have time for headaches and hangovers in this house.  Andy had a soccer game at 10 and he was pumped!

I grabbed this picture with Lee during a water break- love their goofy selves.  

Soon after Andy's game, it was Cal's turn! It was seriously such a gorgeous day- bright blue sky!

 Cal had a great game-- his team is so much fun to watch.  They are all really "clicking" and passing to each other and communicating well while playing.  Sounds cheesy, but they really are getting it. 

After the game I got a picture of these cuties-- love them so much!
 Andy had to get in the picture too-- heaven forbid he miss a camera opportunity. 

We all walked back to the cars together and caught this moment... Sally and I are lucky ladies.  

Saturday was UNC's spring football game.  We decided to go (I forgot to mention Eddie took Bruce with him to the beach-- I wouldn't have been able to do all of this stuff if I had Bruce at home!).  We ran home after lunch and I told the boys to put on Carolina gear.  Cal came out in a UNC tshirt, a football jersey on top and a basketball jersey on top of that.  I pointed out that he didn't have to wear ALL of the UNC stuff that he owned (and that he might be hot...) so he removed the top jersey.
Then Andy came out.

Homie loves his basketball shorts.  And jersey.  And insisted on bringing the helmet.  I tried talking him out of it.  But then I thought, "what do I care what this child wears?!?! If it makes him happy, WHO CARES???" so we left.  

We walked right in and found some seats-- several people complimented Andy on his shorts right off the bat.  He walked around like he owned the place while Cal watched the game.  

Andy spotted these guys and made a bee line for them.  He was hugging him before I could get near for a picture.  

Then Cal went in for a little hug...

Go Tarheels!

And as we were taking a picture, we spotted Brad-- so I quickly threw him in the picture too, despite the line that was forming up the aisle.... love these little tarheels!

They had music playing the entire time.  And everyone was enjoying it.  Especially Andy.  

Then the music just really moved him.  (I am praying this video loads onto this darn blog so I can always have makes me laugh so hard).  As my friend Katherine put it: "he is sooo your child...." #canigetanamen??

 Sweet Jane wore the helmet with her cheerleading outfit and I am not sure there's ever been a cuter sight.

My cute momma with the boys.  We are so glad she came with us...or we went with her...? Either way, we were glad to be together!

Such a gorgeous day for some outside fun!

And then the most amazing thing happened.  My mom took the boys home after the football game and I had the whole house to myself.  I didn't know what to do.  Actually, I did.  I cranked up pandora, thong song station and ROCKED OUT while getting showered and dressed.  I was singing and dancing and totally enjoying myself.  Hank was passed out on the floor next to me and I think he was thrilled to have no one biting his ear or attempting to ride him.

I went to a friend's housewarming and then went downtown for another friends birthday dinners.  I was home by 10:30-- to my empty, quiet house.... and then..... I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. And it was glorious.  I was snoozing hard when Eddie called me at 7:40.  Should have moved my phone...or turned it off.  Or given it away.

It was seriously lovely though.  I got up and went to pick up the boys, but decided a trip to dunkin was necessary first.  Hank wanted to ride along, so he hung out in the backseat and was beyond thrilled when he got a munchkin.  

I went to pick up the boys and my dad asked me if I would like his apple watch..... (!!!!!).  He wasn't a fan and decided it wasn't something he wanted... and I was just saying I would love one....! So I got me a new watch! Can't wait to wear it for a few days and see how I like it.  So far, it is good! I am anxious to wear it to a popup class to see how accurate the calorie burn is.  My polar has the heart rate monitor around my chest, so that feels more accurate to me... we will see!

When we got home, the chores started.  I had a long list of stuff to do!

Andy helped me change my tail light. Such a big helper.  
 And I cleaned out my car-- big time.  Vacuumed it all out, scrubbed dirt, the whole she-bang.  The boys got in it to "play" and both kept saying they couldn't believe how clean it was and they wanted to play in there for a while.  Whatever floats your boats, kiddos!

It was way too pretty of a day, so I got my 12th load of laundry going and we set out for a bike ride/Hank walk around the hood.  We were stopped in this picture, that's why Andy's helmet is off (just in case Dr. K reads this....and hi, Dr. K!). 
We played outside some more, I cleaned out the garage and did a little reorganizing...which will last about 5 minutes, and then Cal had some homework to finish. 

We went to dinner at firehouse (of course we did) where Cal ate a kids meal and a big bag of chips and declared that he was still hungry.  So he ate another whole sub.  Next time we won't order a kids meal... I think it's time he gets the full one.  And, wow.

Bed time for Andy couldn't come soon enough Sunday night.  He needed to go to bed around 6.  Because OHMYWORD he was being hard.  wow. wow. wow.  But, hey! Tomorrow is a new day!

The amount of pictures I took from Friday morning through Sunday is in sane.  I might have a problem.  Oh well. 

Happy Monday!