Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Life Lately

First and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this hunk:

We are all crazy about this guy and so lucky to have him.  He's a great husband, dad, coach, friend, and person.  We love you, Eddie!!!

Obviously, life lately revolved around MEXICO! Read about it here and here.  But there's been a lot of other stuff going on too.  like.....

The Thursday before we went to Mexico, the kids had tennis at the club and were goofing around as we were leaving:
 Sweaty happy kiddos!

That night, the moms headed out to celebrate Katie's birthday with some cocktails! 

Fun, fun times out at City Kitchen!

Before we left, the boys decided they wanted to play baseball-- a lot.  They were out in the driveway hitting and throwing the ball nonstop. 

I am so glad we were able to catch the Easter egg hunt at the club on Saturday morning before flying out on Sunday.  
 It was packed, as always, and, as always, a ton of fun!!!

The boys were lined up and ready to attack- they had the driving range covered with eggs.  

Cal hung out near Brad-- these two are a force to reckon with!

And they are off! Can you see Andy in the below pic? They wanted to wear sneakers so they could run faster.  I couldn't keep up with Cal- he was loooong gone.  

The Williamsons on Easter Saturday!

So sweet-- it was super cloudy that day, but the sun was so bright! The kids are squinting in every picture.  

My people.  Thankful for them, and thankful to be about to spend a week with them with Mexico!

We got home Saturday evening in time for the HEELS to play Saturday night.  The boys got on their Carolina gear as soon as they could. 

And, Andy picked up right where he left off: sleeping on the floor with his pup.  He got his jersey on and went to bed.  I had the game on in the room and he didn't even wake up.  Neither did Hank.  They just cuddled right up.  You tell me that's not the sweetest dog ever.  

Sunday morning, my AMAZING, SWEET, FABULOUS, THOUGHTFUL, INCREDIBLE friend Sally texted me and offered to take Cal for a few hours.  They were going to go to campus and eat lunch and walk around.  I jumped ALL over it.  The boys needed a break from each other.  Andy was invited/demanded to go over to Grandma's house (he seriously missed her so so much), so I was able to go to the grocery store ALLLL BYYYYY MYYYYSELFFFFFFFF and it was glorious.  Don't get me wrong, I love shopping with two boys who try to make everything a game and think tackling in the aisle is a good idea...but to go by myself, where I could hear myself think... well, that was special.

Also special, is this picture Sally sent me of the kids at the Old Well.  I love the CAROLINA BLUE skies poking through the trees at the top.  Sigh.  I love our town. 

Monday morning it was back to school....! Big time wake up call for us! We are all slightly jet lagged still and overly worn out from late night basketball games.  But we got up and jerseys on ready for school!

After school on Monday, we headed straight for haircuts.  I wish I had gotten them pre-Mexico, but it is what it is.  Oh well.  

This kiddo's hair is finally growing out and it is starting to lighten up again.  It is funny how many people say they don't recognize Andy with his dark hair.  Buzzing it really took off all the blonde.  

After the cut, ready to cheer on the HEELS!
A 9pm tip is NOT easy.  I am too old for this ish.  The boys wanted to stay up, but we said no.  But then we made a deal with Cal-- if he went to bed at 7:15 without complaints, we would wake him up at 9 to watch the game...and so at 9:00, we went to wake up Cal and he was OUT.  We shook him, we talked to him, we poked him.  He wasn't budging.  I took a video of me trying to wake him so I could prove to him Tuesday morning that we tried.

We assumed our positions on the couch and watched the game.  I told my friends via group text that if the heels got down by more than 6, I was dumping water on his head to wake his rump up-- we needed another person cheering!

Sure enough, they got down, and Eddie was worried I was literally dump water on his head, so he went up and tried one more time.  He carried him down and Cal was barely awake, but grinning ear to ear.  The smile never left his face-- until the buzzer.
 At half time, we moved up to my bed-- Cal snuggled up and we watched the second half from there.  It was an INTENSE game. 

At 11:15, Andy came into my room, because, that's just what he does.  He went to get in his sleeping bag and then saw the game on and suddenly became wide awake.  So I watch the end of the game with both boys (I told Eddie he had to stay on the couch- because tradition!).

It was a total and complete heart breaker.  The basketball team had such heart and it was truly fun to watch them play because it looked like they were having FUN out there! There were some horrible calls from the refs, but that's neither here nor there.  It was a great season, and for that, I rocked my XL Carolina Basketball t-shirt on Tuesday to school-- I am PROUD to be a TARHEEL!
Monday night was a late night, but then Andy didn't sleep (weird dreams-- he woke up and screamed: "DADDY, WATCH YOUR BACK!" uhhhh.... clearly something scary was happening.....?), so he got in bed with us, which just doens't work in a queen sized bed- and he's a wild sleeper. I tried it for a while and finally left to get in his bed at 2, but then couldn't sleep because I was thinking about all of the players and their families and the coaches and their families. Being in their shoes on the football side of it, I totally know the heartbreak that comes from a loss-- I can't imagine one of this magnitude (we never went to a national championship game....!!!), but I have been a part of it, and it just stinks.

Tuesday morning came early- see bags under eyes in above picture.  And also I look pregnant.  I am not.  I swear.  And if I am, I did some serious damage in Mexico.  

That's a look at life lately!