Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Update

We had a fun weekend out of town-- visiting friends in Wrightsville Beach while Eddie and Dustin played in a golf tournament.

I got Cal out of school early and we went to pick up Andy at one and we hit the road.  We had to stop a few times (of course we did!) but when we got there at 4:00 and I walked up to our room for the weekend, I was in heaven:
 The kids picked up right where they left off and were playing like best buds in no time! They had a blast together acting crazy.  We had a babysitter Friday night so we could go to the event dinner and this is what was happening when she showed up....
 Thank goodness she still stayed.  I probably would have remembered I needed to.....wash my hair, or something. 

We had a great time at Eagle Point Country Club Friday night-- the food is just beyond delish and I wanted seconds of everything.... I refrained.  But I wanted it all.  We had so much fun with these sweet friends!

And my handsome hubby! We were celebrating the house news- since he was already down there when the offer came in, this was the first chance we had to celebrate together!

The four big kids all passed out in one room-- love their bodies all sprawled out!

 Andy's leg was best at the most awkward angle over-- not sure how he even got it like that.

We woke up Saturday morning to torrential downpour-- I mean raining cats and dogs.  We went to breakfast where we were a traveling sh*t show.  They were having fun so that was good, but 5 kids are really really loud.... also- Andy can't take a picture now without holding up his hand that he is 5.  Seriously.  I think he thinks he has to now...
 And this little sweet thing was toooooo cute! I held her when she was an itty bitty baby and I couldn't believe how big she was this trip!!! And blonde!!!!
 Finally the rain cleared (and not a minute too soon-- the kids were about to climb the walls...!) and we headed to a nearby park and we had soooo much fun playing! These kids ran and played and ran and climbed and ran and shot hoops and ran some more.  It was glorious.  We stayed there for several hours-- everyone was so happy, it made sense to stay!

In case you were wondering how old he is.....

Emma had a dance recital to perform Saturday afternoon so I had my two and we set out on a few errands together . I looked back and Cal was looking out the window like a dog-- wind in his face.  I swear, he is going to be a beach bum.  He loves being on the beach and salty and sandy.  Can't imagine where he gets that from....! (Eddie and I would gladly be beach bums!).  Cal has been looking so old lately.  I love this boy so much....

 We went out to dinner Saturday night and I didn't take one picture...! What tha wha???? I don't even know.  So unlike me.  We had the most amazing dinner at a super fancy delicious restaurant with some yummy wine.  Heaven on a stick for me!

But then there's this... also a little slice of heaven on a stick for me! hahahah
We had a great weekend with great friends and I can't wait to see them again this summer!!!


House Update!

This made me laugh so hard-- add in dogs and you got our house! After working like a crazy person scrubbing everything multiple times and packing stuff up and rearranging furniture and organizing everything, we had pictures of the house taken on Wednesday.

We thought it would take a while to get the house in MLS, so imagine my surprise when I was pulling into work on Thursday and got a text that we had a showing...! Our realtor went in and moved the dogs to the garage, thankfully, and I just took a deep breath and let it go. (hahahha- yeah right, I totally went into panic mode at school).

Long story short, we received an offer (our asking price...!) on the house within the hour.  Crazy.  Right? (I should clarify-- we were told they were making an offer-- we didn't know the amount until Friday-- but we knew A number was coming). 

I can NOT believe we are under contract on this house...! As soon as we accepted the offer, I went into sappy reminiscent mode where I overly think about how much I love this house.  It is a wonderful house-- and I can NOT wait to make memories in the new house!

My in laws and my parents and Trish and Tommy all went and saw the new house on Sunday.  While there, the kids from across the street invited Cal and Andy over to play in their back yard.  They all went running over there in a little pack and I swear, I teared up a little bit. 

When it was time to go, I looked two houses over and there were 8 boys playing a game of baseball in the driveway-- THAT is what this is all about! All these kids outside playing together! As much as we love this house, we just don't find that in this neighborhood. 

We are forever thankful that we found our new house...! I pray that the rest of this process goes as smoothly as the first part.  We will continue to have showings, but I will not freak out of them (as much).  The house will be clean and the beds will be made... but other than that, if you don't like it, that's okay! Someone else did....!

Also, a weekend update is coming later today.... check back later!

Anyone have any champagne?!?!?!?!