Sunday, June 25, 2017

Last day of school (a few weeks late)

In a total MOM FAIL move, I realized I never blogged about the last day of school! Whoops.  The boys had WONDERFUL years and I am incredibly grateful to their teachers.  I can only hope to have such fabulous experiences next year (I already put in a request for Nug for next year.... fingers crossed....hint, it rhymes with HEE....). 

When I posted these on instagram, people were all shocked at how old Cal looks... they got big time haircuts the day before the last day of school... maybe that was it.  

 LAST DAY as a first grader!

LAST DAY as a kindergartner!

Bring on summer!

 And, just a reminder on how far they've come.... some first day of school pics:

 These cuties are ready for 2nd and 1st....!