Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Baseball season is fully under swing (hardy harhar) and we have been super busy! We had out first game last week-- and it was cooooold out there....bring on spring!

This season will be an interesting one for Cal- but we are trying really hard to make it a positive experience for him.  There are a lot of inexperienced players on this team, and Cal is used to playing with guys who knew what was going on- and his former coach taught them well: you field a ball and you make a play- no hesitating.  This current team isn't there.....yet..... but it will be a great learning chance for both boys! Plus, I do think they like being on the same team. 

We picked up our jerserys at the game, but you know momma had to take a pic before we left the house.  I sure do love these ball players! And Bru too!

 Andy was PUMPED to have the first game! He was grinning the whole time--

They were close to each other in the batting line up- so fun.  And they are the Yankees this year- haha love it.
 The temps dropped as the sun went down-- didn't seem to bother them though!
 One of the mom's on the team likes to take pictures during games and then she sends out whatever she got-- here are hers from last week's game. 

Look of determination!

 Not sure what filter was used.....

This is my life currently! Add in some soccer and this is it!