Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Update!

After a four day week last week, we were exhausted and ready for the weekend. This upcoming week being a FULL week (the first full week we've had in school so far) might be hard on us all!

Here's a look at our weekend- it was fun and of course, busy!

Friday the boys went to a soccer skills training session and had a bunch of fun running around and playing. 

After clinic we headed to the club for a dinner and drinks...

And then we headed to East Chapel Hill High football game! This is where I went to school so we try to go to a game a year, just for fun for the boys. 

Cal found some older boys and had a full on football game on a small side field. He was a sweaty nasty mess by the end, but he was a happy boy! 
Andy's buddy Lee was at the game and he was pumped to be able to see him there! 

These two are sooo cute together. I love listening to them talk. It's hilarious!

Saturday morning was crazy train USA. Both boys had baseball at 9am at two separate fields. Eddie took Andy to his practice and I took Cal to his. We could only stay for part of the practice because both boys had soccer games at 10 (at a different location from baseball, of course!). 
Cal wore his full soccer gear to baseball (including shin guards!) so that he could go straight from one field to the next. 

I love watching Cal's team play- they have so much fun together and they truly love being out there playing the sport. It makes me so happy! 
Andy is one new team in a different league and I think he was a little surprised at how good the others players were- ha! On his last team, he scored often. This game, he only scored once and he had I work hard to get that one goal hahaha! But it's sooo good for him to be challenged and have to work harder. 
After the 10:00 games, we had about a ten minute break, and then Cal had another game! All the parents were hot and sweaty, but the boys were ready to go again! Before the game started, I wanted to grab a pic of the boys together-

Cal's second game was also fun to watch- although I do not enjoy seeing Cal in this position:
Goalie is stressful! Holy cow! He did great though. Oh- and also, the boys were playing on a field that is triple to size they are used to. We couldn't believe it! And they still did great. 

We were done with all sports by 12:30 and we headed home for lunch and then Cal was off for a birthday party at Frankie's Fun Park. Eddie drove him there and ended up staying and playing for a while- apparently this place is great for both kids AND adults!

Saturday night, Eddie and I had a party to go to- some friends were having an "80th" birthday party- they were each turning 40. I thought that was so cute!
I didn't get a picture of the two of us (ha!), but I got some funny ones with my friends-

We had a new sitter that night and she was awesome. Thankfully she was awesome because Bruce swallowed a sock while we were at the party. Bless her heart, I was texting her through inducing vomit- hahaha. He headed home and he still hadn't vomited the sock up (I had her give him a real small dose of the meds, so I wasn't surprised). We stayed up with him for a while and then went to bed way too late. 

The new house came with The Nest air system and it also has the built in smoke alarm. Well, it went off multiple times Saturday night. And when it goes off, it is a loud woman's voice saying "alert! There is smoke in the kids room. An alarm might sound!" But it goes through the whole house- loudly. It woke up both kids every time it happened and scared them to death. We got literally NO sleep. 
Sunday morning came around like a mean little kid and momma wasn't feeling great. Oh wow. 
I tried to blame the sleepless night, but I'm pretty sure my pain was self inflicted from an 80th birthday party haha

After couch squatting wayyyy longer than I ever ever do, I finally made myself get up and take the dogs for a walk (#sockhunt). Andy offered to help me since he knew I wasn't feeling well...

Then I thought maybe doing laundry would help me snap out of it. Andy thought being a dinosaur would help. It totally did-
He wore this the majority of the weekend. And he laughs hysterically the whole time he wears it. Funny stuff, y'all. 

And then he upped it a notch. He laughed so hard here he snorted-

Cal was lucky enough to have another birthday party at Frankie's Fun Park on Sunday..! 

I dropped him off at a friend's house before the party and took this picture- these are brave parents!

Eddie went to a sports bar to watch some football games so Andy hung out with him so I could grocery shop solo (ahhhhh!). Lucky for Andy, Lee showed up with his daddy too. Apparently there was a cheerwine special:

We ended the weekend with choir practice at the church. Yes, that's right. The boys are going to be singing in the choir. Pray on, y'all. It could be a hot mess. I mean, really- it's going to be a hot mess. Giddyup. 

It was a filled weekend- sheesh! Long post-- longer than I intended! Come back Tuesday- I've got another book report...

Hope y'all had a great weekend! Bring on the first full week of school! (Although the boys have early release on Wednesday so technically it isn't a FULL FULL week....).........!