Thursday, February 16, 2017

100th Day of School

So celebrating this 100 day of school thing has really become a....THING. Many parents groan and moan about this, but anything that makes this crew up and out the door excited about school and I am alllll over it!

Last year, when Cal was in kindergarten, he had to create a project with 100 objects on it.  He made a flower pot with 100 lollipops stuck in.  This year, Andy had to make a project AND dress up like a 100 year old.  Cal got to dress up also-- it was actually super cute.  Even if I did find myself at wal-mart, party city and dollar tree at 10:00 the night before...

Here is Andy with his project.  He counted (and recounted) 100 cheerios.  This was painful, y'all.  This kid knows how he wants to do something, and he does not want input.  (hush, mom.....I know he is SO me....).

 I suggested he spread out the cheerios evenly between numbers-- Cal was quick to point out he could put 40 in the 1, and 30 in each of the 0s (I had to count that in my head when he said that).  That makes sense to me and my OCD self.  Not Andy.  He wanted to put them where he wanted to put them.  So there.  I bit my tongue and watched him work.  Boy was he proud. 

The morning of the 100th day, we styled the hair and then sprayed it gray.  These glasses are actually readers-- with prescription lenses.... I couldn't find any non prescription lenses when I went to buy...!

A little blurry, but here are my sweet old men.  

This next picture cracks me up-- Andy is hunched over like an old man...HA!
 I told him to stand up straight and this is what I got!

 Holy cow do I love them!
 Showing me their hair. 
 We picked up Mae and headed to school.  I seriously could not stop laughing the whole ride there.  Every time I looked in the rear view mirror, this is what I saw:

I mean-- tell me this isn't hysterical.  

Walking into the retirement home:
and that means we are over the half way mark in the school year!