Monday, April 24, 2017

Fashion for a Cause

Last year, I was asked to participate in the Habitat For Humanity Fashion for a Cause Event.  I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the experience.  I was pumped to purchase tickets to attend this year and watch some fun friends up on the runway.  A week prior to the show, I got a text asking me if I would fill in for a last minute model cancellation. I already had tickets to the show, so she knew I was it's a great cause and who doesn't love to get dressed up fancy for a night??

And so I was back at it again.  Last week was CRAZY.  I had a fitting on Monday, along with a hair consultation, and the show was Friday...!

This was the decided upon outfit:

 Once again, I lucked out in that I loved this outfit and I was totally and completely comfortable in it! I will say I liked all of the outfits this year-- there were some super cute ones!

But let me back up-- gotta document the whole experience here...

Friday (after a CAH-RAZY) day, I pulled into the hair place on two wheels and got my hair done:

 I showed the girls doing my hair a few pictures from pinterest of a low, messy bun.... I thought they did a great job!

After finishing up with hair, it was time to head to the place where the show was being held to get my makeup done. I am not sure I have ever worn more makeup in my life....

 Taylor was another one of the models-- we had a blast together!

Also a model, the character below, Brian.... omg he is hysterical! He and Eddie are good buddies and I loved hanging out with him-- and I got to meet his wife, who is just adorable!

After hair and make up, we had to do a few practice walks to get a feel for the stage.  Brian nailed his walk though. 

And then there was a pre party cocktail thing, so we all got dressed for that (I totally forgot about this part and almost forgot to bring a dress...).  

So we got to go out and mingle and drink for a bit before the show started
 And just like last year, so many sweet friends were there supporting a great cause (and me too!) and it made me super proud to claim them. 

My momma was there also, thankfully.  Love her-
 The overhead lights were really awful and made picture taking not easy! We must have taken 24 of us to try and get a good one!
 Then it was time for the models to head back and get dressed.  This little number I wore was a Halston and it was insanely comfortable-- it's all one piece and it has pockets!

 Taylor and I were set and ready! Her outfit is from Whildon and is super cute! Mine was from Uniquities, for any local peeps. 

And now we wait....and smile!
 After the show, every gathered in the lobby area and chatted and it was so fun! Sweet Katie was there and we were matching in our white. 
 We added Pippa to our white crew:

My Sally was there too in THE cutest dress ever.  Everyone loved it!
And finally, a shot of almost all the models-- not sure who took it, but some people got cut out.  It was a fun group!
It was a really fun night supporting a really great cause! I was honored to be asked to participate again this year.  Even if it was as a fill in! hahaha