Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Life lately: soooo many pictures....

Lots of pictures for our life lately... we've been enjoying spring and spending time outside as much as possible.  We are getting super excited for our trip and the list making process is in full swing. 

Last week, I realized the boys needed flip flops since they have outgrown everything so we hit the mall.  Eddie was out of town, so we went to the best place ever for shoes: RACK ROOM! They have the BEST shoes and loads of sizes in each one.  We used to shop at other stores/department stores, but I got beyond sick of them (finally) picking a shoe, only to find out the store didn't have their size.  So we love Rack Room. Oh! And it is buy one, get one 50% off.  Can't beat them. 

So we hit the mall.  And as we walked through Nordstrom, these bozos found some hats to try on.  We didn't get these.  Don't worry. 

And then they looked at sunglasses. I remember it being super bright by the pool in Mexico, so I want them to get sunglasses.... just not these... although, pretty sweet...

As we walked out of Nordstrom, the Easter bunny was out.  There was a time in Andy's life where he would run and hide from this character.  But, not so much this time.  He pretty much shoved this kid out of the way to give him a hug.  

And then he told Cal he had to do it too.  

We headed to Rack Room and did some damage.  The boys decided they really needed new sneakers too- not just flip flops. Both boys are still in a size one-- although, I am fairly certain Andy could have gone up at least another half size, but we just stayed with a one this time around.  Next time, he will be bigger, I think.  
 Andy picked out some "Carolina Panther" shoes (black and blue) and Cal got his favorite colors (green and grey).

Bruce has been trying to sneak his way into the boy's rooms at night.... can you spot him?

He was mad when I kicked him out, so he shredded some tissue paper.... he was sorry. 
But we still love him...

We went to the beach last weekend and noticed Bruce starting to get an ear infection.  He went to bed Saturday night at the beach and I guess managed to scratch his ears all night long.  He woke up with a MESS behind his ears.  Pussing and bleeding and just plain nasty.  The spots became hotspots and he was NOT comfortable.

I took him to the vet Monday morning-- bless his heart.  

And they tried to look at his ears and couldn't get near him- at all.  He was freaking out.  It was determined they were going to have to sedate him to be able to treat him.  He had all kinds of swelling and issues to his ears.  So he got a sweet shave behind both ears....and came home with a beautiful cone.  
 and he HATES it! And we all have bruises on our legs from him running into us going full steam.  He can't reach the ground to smell, so he is having a hard time going to the bathroom.  Bless his heart (can I say that a few more times?!) It is a total pain for him to get comfortable, but he's hanging in there. 

I let him go for a car ride and he seemed happy enough.  But he was mad he couldn't fit his whole head out the window. 

 Andy and I are still walking the dogs every day-- especially help get Bruce to potty.  On Wednesday, he didn't want to ride in the stroller, so he hopped on his scooter.  And holy smokes, he has gotten good on that thing! There is a boy at Cal's school who rides one home every day and I see Andy watching him- guess he learned a thing or two!

He was getting confident so he raised a hand up for a split second.  Then it was longer, then longer... and then he had it up in the air for 30+ seconds. Just cruising!

 This kid... I swear...
I have been playing tennis once a week-- well, okay... I have been attempting to play tennis at a lesson once a week.  And I am reallllllly enjoying it!!! It feels SO good to be outside in the sunshine with some good friends and trying something new.  As much as I love being out there, I do not love the feet tan I appear to be getting...

I need Mexico to even that out!

There is a look at life lately!

OH, one more thing... If you have nothing better to do on April 15, there is a fashion show benefiting Habitat for Humanity- a GREAT cause! You can use this link to buy tickets.  I am in it and so is my momma!, but more importantly, the boys are in it too! I would LOVE to see familiar faces in the crowd.  No pressure, but I hope you will come join the fun!