Thursday, February 23, 2017

Down and out, but not for long!

Well, hellooooo there.

 I have a bunch to blog about.  We took a trip to SC for Eddie's grandparents 70th wedding anniversary. I had a night out celebrating a dear friend turning 40! The boys both won the sportsmanship award in the same week for flag football. And on and on and on.

But on Monday, I was just starting my workout when I managed to throw my back out.  It was ugly.  Basically I let out a scream as I dropped to the ground #embarrassing.  The pain was like child birth, and I would have paid for an epidural.  Eddie came and got me and got him home.

Tuesday I went to a PT and she said it was a slipped disc.  She gave me some moves to do to try to get the disc back into place.  It hurt too bad to attempt any of these moves.  She gave me strict orders to not stand for more than 15 minutes, no sitting or bending and to remain face down on the couch.  Good times. 

My dear sweet friend told me I had to get to a doctor who could write a script to get some drugs to help with pain so that I could do the above exercises. 

Yesterday I went to a spine doctor and she said yes, either slipped or herniated disc (I prefer to say slipped because herniated sounds scarier) and I got a bunch of good meds to help me out.  I swear, I could tell a difference with the big dog anti-inflammatory right off the bat. 

Eddie was out of town yesterday.  Oh, and my parents are in Australia.  And Eddie leaves tomorrow for a week.  I have NO time to be on my face on the couch. 

Thankfully I have the best friends in the world and they have been helping me a ton.  We had dinner brought to us last night-- so I didn't even have to think about it.  Another friend brought a load of lunchables so the kids lunches are done for the week-- not healthy, but really, who cares at this point?? I was ready to throw a poptart in there and call it good. 

So! At some point, I will get around to blogging about all of the above things.  But it probably won't be today.  Although with these drugs, maybe I will be able to!

My goal is a quick trip to target today.  No more than 30 minutes... it's good for me. 

Until then.... it's time to buck up, butercup!