Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekend Update!

This year is almost over! OMG. It is flying by! I feel like I am cranking out these weekend update posts every other day-- the weeks are flying by. 

We had a very low key weekend planned-- actually, we had nothing planned at all the entire weekend (minus church on Sunday).  Eddie was out of town and the rest of us were all just really tired. 

 Friday, I did popup (which nearly killed me for whatever reason), then played tennis, then walked a loop around my parents' neighborhood (which is around 2.5 miles).  By the time I picked the kids up from school, my legs were aching! I was flat worn out. 

We had a very chill night that ended with me in the bath tub with a book- ahhhhh....

Saturday, we hung out at the house all morning and then Cal had basketball practice at 12:15.  Our super sweet neighbor asked the three of us to go to the football game with her and we were super excited to go!

Funny enough-- it was hot on around 80 hot.  But the game was at 3:30, so I knew cooler temps would be coming.  I was having a mega hot flash as I was getting dressed and I could not bring myself to put on a sweater.  
I threw on a 3/4 sleeve shirt that is paper thin and a fur vest thing.  The temps dropped immediately and the wind picked up and it was darn right chilly! We still had so so so much fun! We LOVE this family so much. 

 Cal wore shorts and was freezing- he curled up on my lap and it warmed us both up!

 We went into the blue zone to warm up a little bit-- these four had the biggest wrestle mania you have ever seen.  People were gathering around to watch it.  We kept telling them to stop, but then as soon as one would stop, another would tackle another one and it would all start over again.  hahahaha

After the game, the neighbors had field access and took us all down on the field! Andy was pumped to see his best buddy Lee there!

The wind was CRAZY on the field!!! Didn't stop our crazies!

 My dates! I had a blast with these two... they can work me, but oh how much fun we have together....

Eddie's parents came in Saturday night, but we were all sound asleep when they got there.  They were just stopping in before heading to the beach for Thanksgiving-- and they stayed because Cal and Andy were singing in church Sunday morning!
 We got there early and they wore little choir robes.....

 And there they are singing in front of a packed church! It was really sweet to watch them up there.  I think they were nervous, but it didn't show!
 Once they were done, they were all smiles and Andy said it "really was not scary up there at all."

The rest of the day was spent lunching, playing, tackling and playing more.  My kind of weekend!!!