Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Update

Feels like time is flying by! Before I know it, summer will be here! Soaking up this time now-- once again, our weekend was fairly tame.  The month of January has been wayyyy laid back compared to how December was.  The club is also closed right now, so I know that is keeping us all from getting out more.  Not that I early night in with a fire in the fire place never bothers me.

Friday- we were planning on a quiet night in.  The boys were out playing with friends and Eddie came home with meet to grill out.  He had everything on the grill and next thing I know, our neighbor called him and asked if he wanted to take all of the boys out to eat together.... Eddie said yes and next thing I knew, they were gone!

 Eddie and Chuck are like brothers from another mother.  It's hilarious.  And these boys love each other like crazy. 
 I was not anticipating having the house to myself...! I quickly climbed in the bath and sat there for a reallllly long time.  Bruce was worried about me, I think... he brought over my sock....
 ....and then this picture came in.... all these boys at Top Of The Hill- hahaha! They had THE best time!

Bruce continued to bring me lovies- he's thoughtful like that.  
 The boys did not end up getting home until 10:00-- everyone was exhausted.  They were begging for sleepovers, but we denied them #meanmoms.  Early basketball games need rested boys!

Saturday morning, we were up and at 'em, heading to Andy's 9:15 game!
 He loooooves playing basketball.  I think it might be his favorite sport...? Maybe? I can't be certain, but he sure does love it out there.  He had a great game and played hard.

We came home and I cleaned out the fridge and prepped a ton of food-- I was cutting strawberries and Andy was eating them faster than I could cut-- barely any made it into the fridge. 
 Cal had a basketball practice next-- I left Andy home with Eddie and I took Cal.  Wasn't super excited about practice in the middle of a Saturday (it's one thing if it's a GAME!), but it ended up being a really good practice! Only 6 kids came so they all got a lot of ball time.  He seemed to have fun!

We were going to do a sleepover Saturday night (now he's done one, he wants one all the time....), but everyone was super tired.  I think the late night the night before caught up with them.  Everyone- Bruce included- was in bed by 8. 
 The boys begged to sleep together-- it didn't last sadly.  Andy was up by 11, just chilling in my room.  Seriously, come ON kid!
Bruce was happy though:

 Before Andy came into my room, this is how I found him when I checked on him.... legs all up on the dresser.  Bless him...

Sunday morning we didn't have anywhere to be until 11.  I was working like crazy around the house (don't you feel like as mom you are ALWAYS going and doing stuff??) when I realized it was super quiet in the play room.  I opened the door to this:

 All three of the clowns know the furry clown is not supposed to be on the couch! But really they all looked so happy so I just backed out and pretended like I didn't see it...

At 11 the boys had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! Feels like we haven't been here in a hot minute.  Can't say I have missed the place too terribly..... but the boys sure do love it.  They can't get enough!

 (yes, Cal got a haircut... the static this weekend was awful.  his hair was straight up bowl on his head the entire weekend.  i am aware.)

After the party, we came home and it was time for some flag football! Andy's group was first-- these cuties were super cute on the sidelines waiting their turn. 
 Andy's team is named the Shining Rhinos.  Of course they are. 
 Next up was Cal's turn (we were there from about 1-4).  His team is adorable! Love all these kiddos!
Cal had a rough go at flag football yesterday.  I'll be honest- it was a tough parenting moment.  He was wide open in the end zone but he wasn't passed the ball-- because the play was for the runner to RUN the ball-- so he stormed off the field CRYING.  Yes.  You read that right.  He was crying because he didn't like the play that was called.  You have got to be kidding me.  He was back talking Eddie- the coach- also. 
We were pretty disappointed in his behavior-- and we have since discussed it at length.  Everyone can have an off day, of course... hopefully that's just what this was and we have nipped it.  Just keeping it real! That little guy gnawing on his mouthguard in the above pic was read the riot act...momma is NOT raising uncoachable kids.  I refuse!

**stepping off soapbox**
That's a look at our weekend! We came home from football, totally completely forgot about choir and ate a yummy dinner from Fresh Market.  Boys were bathed and read to and in bed by 7:00, asleep by 7:15..... laundry switched a few more time for me and then a book in bed! Bring on the week!