Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Insta funnies

Oh my goodness! Y'all have been SO good about sending me these! I have a bunch saved, so I will just post ten- please continue to send them to me! I find way too much joy in stupid internet posts.  But hey, you do you.  haha

The dog's face in this one is amazing.  


This one had me rolling..... AO when you read this, can you guess who I sent it to??

Again, their faces.......


I am sorry, but this is hilarious.... look at him smiling!

I saw this right after I sent the boys to school with the oddest assortment in their lunch box... least i didn't throw in dog biscuits.  

This one cracked me up....especially because I know someone named Hugo so I laughed even harder at the thought of him replying like this....

And, seriously, this is true.  And i had a c-section. 

 Keep them coming!!!!