Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Update

Boxes and boxes and boxes, oh my! Are you seeing a trend over here? I can't wait until my posts are about things OTHER than moving. 

Friday was Cal's last day of school-- hooray! I admit, I teared up (big time) dropping him off on the last day. I just can't believe his kindergarten year is over! 1st grade sounds old to me.  Plus you add in all the other emotions I had going on last week and I was about an inch from sobbing any given minute. 

 A side by side comparison-- my sweet boy grew so much this year! He looks like a different child!
 While he was at school, I tackled the attic.  It was like working in a sauna. It was over 100 outside and every bit of that in the attic.  We have so much STUFF up there that needed to be thrown out.  Back in the days of my going over board for boy's birthday parties, I had loads of STUFF that I have made-- it is really quite crazy. 

As I carried a load downstairs, I caught Andy going for a snack-- he wanted some hummus and was about to crawl in the fridge for some- hahaha
 Cal got to have a play date with Laynie after school on Friday and they had so much fun! Laynie can totally hang with the boys-- she and Cal played soccer, tennis, basketball, catch, and on and on and on.  They were both sweaty messes when I picked Cal up. 

We stayed in Friday night and grilled out and the kids played- hard- in the back yard. Of course, my sappy self got all sentimental about our last weekend in this house... and that was our last time cooking out while the kids play back there. It is bittersweet! I love this house! But I know I will love our new house even more!

Saturday morning, Eddie went to the beach-- he's been dying to go kite surfing (insert the eye roll emoji.....).  The boys and I took the dogs on a walk so they would be nice and worn out....
 Mission accomplished. 

And then we headed to the pool so that I could wear them out:
 (and I had a cocktail because, duh)
 Mission accomplished!
 We came home and I really thought they would be exhausted and ready for some rest time so I could get to work and get packing done.  Nope.  They wanted to play....with me! We just spent a TON of time at the pool so they needed to be tired and worn out. 

We went to Moes for dinner and ran to Home Depot and then came home for book time and bed. Bruce loves story time before bed-- loves it! I will say "go pick out your books" to the boys and he runs as fast as he can and jumps on the bed.  He usually sits on one of the boys' laps and listens to hte story.  Weird dog. 

 The rest of the night was spent doing this:
 #glamour #donotbejealous #hatersgonehate

Sunday morning we woke up and I got to work immediately.  By 8am, I had this room organized and had cleaned a good part of the house. 

The boys played really well most of the day-- and the TV was not turned on once- kind of a miracle! I found some over sized coloring books and some markers and they went to town outside coloring.  

Then they came in and wanted to help me with laundry-- I will teach them how to do it all, I swear.  Their wives will thank me.  

 Then Cal asked if he could vacuum for me.  You got it, bud. #youmissedaspot

We all rewarded ourselves with lunch at firehouse... Cal was in a total daze-- vacuuming will do that to you, buddy.  
 Andy was....Andy. 

 We came back from lunch and I got to work again.  I put on headphones and I have almost listened to an entire book.  It is amazing how much I get done when I listen to a book while I pack!

I picked up pinecones in the front yard while the boys rode bikes and then finished the weekend with a quick dinner and BED! ahhhhhhhh.....

This time next week I will be blogging from the new house (maybe? Will we have internet????)