Wednesday, July 13, 2016

SHARKAPALOOZA! and a movie too

Our swim season is almost over (phew!) and we have really really loved it once again.  People comment on it being such a big time commitment, but it is a fun commitment! And how great for the kids to become such strong's win/win!

As the season winds down, the team holds Sharkapalooza where we sell goods to raise money to donate to various charities.  It is loads of fun. 

I made these cupcakes with fish toppers (I am so not Martha....sigh.....). 
 Next year I want to make something better.... start thinking of ideas for me.  hahaha tag me on pinterest!

This treat was a big hit with my boys:
 A skewer with marshmallows, watermelon fruit candies, peach rings and a tootsie pop at the top.  FANCY!

You can buy raffle tickets in order to win the chance to throw a pie in the face of coaches.  These sweet coaches are such great sports.  

 They all got pretty covered... and then a massive pie fight broke out (shaving cream)...

 The coaches came after the kids seeking revenge. 

 Covered and smothered.
 Crazy sharks!
 One of the raffle tickets we could buy was for the coaches to take the kids to the moves.  Andy told me he HAD to go... so I bought several tickets for him and he won it! Cal didn't win it, but after he found out his friends were going, he had me ask the coaches if he could tag along too. 

These three coaches had their hands full seeing Secret Life of Pets!
 We went to dinner and when we came back, we found out the kids didn't care for the movie very much... apparently, one dog reminded Cal of Hank and when he got lost/hurt (??) it really upset him.... hmmmm who knows....
but I do know they had a BLAST in the lobby playing and running around.  This was Andy and Lee at pickup-- all laughs...
Crazy goofy friends! Love them and love their laughter!