Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend Update: part one, Just Tryan It

It was a VERY busy, action-packed weekend over here.  Andy had his birthday party and the boys participated in the Just Tryan It Triathlon on Sunday.  My in laws were in town for the party, so they got to see it all, which was fun. 

This post is going to be about the triathlon, and I will do a separate post (maybe tomorrow, maybe next month....!) about the birthday. 

This whole past week it has been H-O-T here-- in the 90s every day.  The morning of the event, we woke up and it was COLD out.  Well, in the 60s, which isn't cold to some, but to us, it was pretty much freezing. 

We had to be at the location at 7:30, so we were up and moving early!

They have the kids go into the transition area and set up their bikes and bags and they remove their shoes and shirts-- let me just say: burrrrrrrrr.......

 They do this because they are going straight from the "opening ceremonies" to the pool for the race to start. 
Cal did this race last year, but this was Andy's first time. I was a little worried he might freak out or have a last minute panic, but he totally did great! I am sure it helped having big brother there. 
 Funny story-- after I took the below picture, I noticed Cal's booty was looking a little...odd... he came over and said he had to tell me a secret-- turns out he put his jammers (bathing suit) on OVER his boxers--- hahahahaha he totally forgot to take them off...! What in the world?!?! So he had to go do a quick change up. 

Andy ended up getting in the line up next to Charlie-- they were cute together waiting. 

My friend was volunteering down at the starting line and sent me this picture:

Then they were off! The boys were not in the same "heat" so we were kind of scrambling to see everyone.  They swam first, then ran to transitions.  I ran up to the start of the bike ride, and caught Andy as he was heading out (these volunteers are amazing).  

Then, as Andy was off on his bike, Cal came running up from the pool:

He was off on his bike before I knew it (volunteers would run their bikes down the hill for the participants).  
 I was watching the line where the bikers came from-- they rode into the transition area and dropped their bikes and then ran out, past us to begin the run portion-- to see Andy come out and I totally missed him! He was so much faster than I thought he would be!

I blinked and he was past me-- so then I waited for Cal to come out of the bike transition, thinking I had loads of time before Andy would finish the running portion, when all of a sudden I heard the announcer say "and well done, Andy Williamson......!" I totally missed him running through the finish line! Thankfully my dad got this shot:

 So then I could focus my attention back to Cal who was finishing up his run strong:

 And straight across that finish line!


I'm going to be REAL honest here: I started crying when he crossed.  I am SO lucky I have two healthy children who are ABLE to do stuff like this.  There was a little girl who spoke during the opening ceremonies about her battle with leukemia--  and I thank the sweet Lord above that my children are healthy kiddos...

Both boys loved every minute of it.  They are little competitors and said it was so much fun.  

 After the race, they got to go to the party zone! There was dancing and face painting and all kinds of fun games.  The kids had a blast.....even though it really was pretty chilly!

These two smiling mustache boys are my world.....

SUPER proud of them!!!!