Friday, February 3, 2017

It's Friday! And a WW check in

Hoooray for FRIDAY!!!
The weekend is here and it is the Super Bowl! Eddie's sister is coming in this weekend, Eddie and Cal are going hunting for a few days, Andy has a basketball game and both boys have football on Sunday before watching the Super Bowl at a friend's house on Sunday!

Keeping this post brief.  I am teaching popup this morning and tomorrow morning (come if you want to!!!) and then spending the rest of today running around knocking off my to do list!

This week has flown by, it feels.  Preschool kicked my rear this week.  I enjoy it- I really do...but there are some days where it just exhausts me! But we made it to Friday...!

These cuties got to go to a Carolina game Tuesday night and had the best time! I will do a post on it next week at some time.  It was a late night and there were a lot of laughs to be had by all. 

I wrote before about joining Weight Watchers and here is the first update...

Few thoughts for the week:
- the app is amazing.  It has helped me SO SO much! Just making smarter choices, keeping track of points, making me see the point value (do I REALLY want this 6 points worth??)
- the greatest snack I have found is 100 calorie popcorn.  I pop it and then dump it in a big zip lock back and sprinkle cinnamon on it.  It satisfies the craving for sweet and crunchy and it takes a while to finish off the bag- so it lasts a while.  Plus it is filling!
- losing weight as you age is no joke.  I am not saying that I am old- but when I did weight watchers in the past, the pounds were falling off of me... it is taking more work to get these to budge this time around.   Metabolism slowing down can be awful!

Thursday is weigh in day.  Last week, when I started, I was dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt; I had already eaten breakfast and had my tea for the day. 

When I went this week, I was dressed down in a tennis skirt and shirt, and I had not eaten before going.  So this isn't a REAL number of pounds lost, but you get the point. 

I was down 6 this week! Woohoo! Again, it isn't a REAL number, because of reasons listed above, but I am thrilled to be down at all, really.  In actuality, I am probably only down 2.  I'll take it!

Hoping to update that I am down next week too.  Throwing the Super Bowl into the mix is going to be a challenge.  I am going to let myself indulge... I don't want to deprive myself!

What's on your agenda for the weekend? Anything exciting?